Why to Opt Service Apartments Over Hotels?

If you are on a short trip to Mumbai, you have to choose between a hotel or a service apartment for your accommodation. Service apartments have innumerable benefits over a hotel including some listed below:

While travelling to any new city, accommodation is the primary issue everyone faces. There are hotels that have remained popular for a long time, but there also are budget service apartments in Mumbai that have gained considerable popularity in past few years. Both of these options have their respective pros and cons, but when we compare these two, the serviced apartment seems to have more advantages.

Here are 5 reasons suggesting why to opt service apartments over hotels:

Do not pay-per-head:

Generally, when you stay in a hotel, you have to pay per-head, even if you book a single room. This increases the amount you have to pay to stay. In the case of serviced apartments in Mumbai, you have the luxury to as per the number of apartments you book, making sure you have to pay the minimum amount for your accommodation.

More privacy – more safety:

While visiting a new city for professional or personal trip, all you want is complete privacy with no one disturbing you. in hotels, you may get distracted by waiters, cleaners, and other staff asking you to avail other services. Serviced apartments are meant for professional visitors and thus these apartments offer higher level of privacy and safety. This means, you will get better ambience to focus on your work, or the main purpose of your journey.

Flexible Accommodation:

Want to avail a serviced apartment for a couple of hours, you have it. Want to stay for a few days or even weeks, you have it. Staying in hotels for a long time may cut your pocket and you won’t even get the amenities to spend such a long time. In case of budget service apartments in Mumbai, you can easily feel-at-home. This allows you to easily choose your accommodation time as per your requirements.

Better Business Meetings:

In case you are visiting a city for a business meeting, you will always prefer a place where you can comfortably focus on your business and execute those important business meetings. Attaining this can be difficult in a hotel, because you do not have that privacy and level of amenities in hotel rooms that these serviced apartments offer.

Feel at Home:

A serviced apartment in Mumbai is essentially your personal room that you have at your home. No one will enter the room without your consent, and you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings when you go out of your room. This is something very important when you have to stay at some place for a long time.

There are many more benefits of staying at budget service apartments in Mumbai. This is the reason these accommodation places are getting more popularity amongst visitors. Planning to visit a new city for some work? Consider staying at a service apartment and you will surely love it.

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