Why Staying at Serviced Apartment Is More Economical

Planning a family holiday or going for a business trip? Whatever might be the purpose, serviced apartment is the best choice for long or short stay accommodation in Mumbai. Serviced apartments are trending in India as compared to other accommodations. Amazing facilities at affordable prices is what contributes to the popularity of serviced apartments. Read the following post to understand why it is economical to stay at the serviced apartment 

  • Food: serviced apartments provide you with fully equipped kitchen. You do not need to eat outside when you stay in serviced apartments. You can just prepare your own food. Avoiding breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside will save you a great deal of money. It is healthier to eat self-cooked food than eating out. ¬†
  • Charges: If you stay in a hotel only two people can stay in one room and you have to pay per person whereas in serviced apartments there is no such restriction. They charge per apartment not per person. If you are traveling with the whole family you can just stay in a serviced apartment with more than 1 bedrooms and a common living room. These apartments have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area and are very spacious. These long stay accommodations in Mumbai have 30% more space than an average hotel room.
  • Concierge: Serviced apartments provide 24-hour concierge service. The concierge has complete knowledge about local area and transportation facilities, delivery services, theaters, restaurants etc. They assist you with travel, social arrangements and anything else you need during your stay.
  • Serviced apartments are considered as best short stay accommodations in Mumbai that offer TV, DVD, music systems, high-speed internet, telephone facilities to their guests without charging any extra money.
  • Privacy: Serviced apartments offer a great level of privacy as compared to hotel rooms. Housekeeping will not disturb you throughout the day like other short stay accommodations in Mumbai. There are fewer people in apartments as compared to hotels hence you can work peacefully without any disturbance.
  • Accessibility: Serviced apartments are located at prime locations and in the commercial area of the city. Hence facilities like restaurants, cafe, transportation facility, supermarkets etc are easily accessible from these locations. Hotels located at these points are very expensive as compared to serviced accommodations.
  • Serviced apartments are your best choice for long stay accommodation considering the facilities they are offering for very less money. These apartments are totally secure and offer a great amount of flexibility. They do not have restrictions regarding check in and check out times. You can schedule housekeeping whenever you want to.

Serviced apartments in Mumbai offers you world-class facilities and home-like comfort at highly reasonable rates. Most of the population is choosing serviced apartments over other accommodations to make their stay comfortable and memorable.


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