Why Serviced Apartments Remain The Best Option?

We have witnessed the rapid growth in the segment of service apartments in India in the past few years due to the fact that people are shifting from traditional means of accommodation to the unconventional ones.

Whether it is a single person or a group or a family, service apartments are just ideal for everyone and that’s why they have become the ultimate choice for business trips as well as holidays.

One can choose from luxury service apartments or budget service apartments, according to their taste and budget, but the latter category also comes with all the facilities, for which service apartments are known.

If you have still not visited any service apartment, following reasons might compel you to do so as they very well explain why serviced apartments are indeed the best option.

1. Spacious:

    • Compared to a hotel room, the service apartment has more space as it has a bedroom, drawing room, dining area and balcony, and is so appropriate for family and groups.
  • You can also call your friends over for a get-together.

2. Location:

  • Service apartments are located in the central and populous areas of the city, thus making it easier for you to visit tourist spots or go for shopping.
  • You will find local people as your neighbours and so you can get the feeling of belonging to the city.

3. Homely feel:

  • You get the kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. and so you feel at home.
  • For extended stays, eating outside is not a good option and hence you can cook the meal of your choice in the fully-equipped kitchen of the apartment.
  • Hotel stays are quite mechanical, which is not the case with service apartments.

4. Facilities: AC, TV, Newspaper, Housekeeping, laundry, food, all the facilities which are available in hotels can be availed at these apartments also.

5. Personalised: Unlike hotels, where you have limited say on the floor at which your room is situated or the view from the view, you can choose the apartment wherein all these aspects are according to your preference.

6. Cost-effective: Along with the facilities and services, your stay is adorned with privacy and freedom at serviced apartments. And the best part is that all these come at a low cost than hotels.

Our service apartments are luxury service apartments by the viewpoint of amenities and budget Service apartments by the viewpoint of price. Feel free to contact us in case of any doubts.











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