Why Serviced Apartments in Andheri are Popular?

Being a popular commercial city of Mumbai, Andheri has undergone a lot of changes in the past decades. The city receives a lot of visitors in its day-to-day life from all over the country and also from abroad. Thus, the people here witnessed the requirement of short stay accommodations to house their business guests in a comfortable manner. In this regard, several hotels, inns, restaurants, short stay accommodation spaces have made their way in Andheri.

In the recent decade, the most trending type of accommodation facility is the serviced apartments. They are immensely getting popular with every passing day. Here are some reasons why they are gaining enormous popularity.

Placed in a good location

Serviced apartments are located in the heart of the city, here Andheri. Thus, one living here will always find themselves amid the hush and bush of city life. The accommodations are also well connected to other parts of the city through proper transport and communication systems.

One can spend their evenings visiting the nearby restaurants, shopping malls, theatres, etc. The night life around is also a bright way to refresh one’s mood after a tiring day at work. Thus, there is no way one can get bored here.

Elegantly decorated interiors

The service apartments near Andheri midc are known for their lush indoor setting. They are well furnished with cozy furniture and all other necessary electronic appliances. Everything is of the best quality to match one’s choice and style.

Well managed housekeeping

The housekeeping is something you will absolutely swear by. They have the best staff to ensure highest quality customer satisfaction. They understand the requirements of each of their guests. A cleaning team is there to carry out apartment cleaning activities at regular intervals. They ensure clean and tidy interior. The staff is also ready to resolve customer queries and issues 24/7. There is even a support team that takes care of the emergent needs of their guests.

Home-like comfort

The best thing about a serviced apartment is that they do not have space constraints like hotels and other types of accommodations do. Staying in these apartments is like a home away from home experience. There are Air-conditioned Bedrooms to enhance the luxury and comfort of the guests. One can enjoy a lazy day watching TV or listening to the music as these apartments have everything that a today’s man needs in his or her daily life.

Moreover, they are not limited to just a bedroom which hotels generally provide. These apartments have a living room, a kitchen space and a dining area attached to let the people move along freely in their rented space.

Fully equipped kitchenette

Unlike hotels, the advantage of living in a serviced apartment is that they offer a totally equipped kitchen area. This allows one to save their hard earned and make the food for themselves. No hassles and no fuss to cook because all the kitchen equipment from cookware to dining sets are available in the area. One just has to do the grocery and vegetable shopping and they are ready to go. People say that this is actually a good way to save both pocket and health from dining outdoors or ordering food from outside.

Privacy at its peak

One can enjoy the same freedom and privacy that they have in their home. Thus, these spaces are ideal to stay with family and friends.  If you are staying in these service apartments in Andheri you can easily hold your client meetings or invite them for a lunch or dinner.  There is nothing to be bothered about as the apartments offer total privacy to each of their guests. So, just like your personal space, you are free to choose your acquaintances.

Tight security systems

The apartments have a secured system to increase the security quotient of their guests. Guards maintain that no outsiders can enter the premises without permission. The area is also under constant CCTV surveillance to monitor suspicious activities.

A cost-effective alternative

The apartments are a lot less costly than luxurious hotels. Yes, it is true. Therefore, definitely, it is one of the reasons why these apartments are gaining popularity among the people.

Last but not the least these service apartments near seepz Andheri, Mumbai can be availed for project assignments, relocation as well as business tours. So, without any further waste of time we would like to ask if the above reasons are not enough to make serviced apartments popular. What do you think?

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