Why Service Apartments are best for Short Stay & Long Stay Accommodation?

Corporate houses are seen as inferior and secondary places to stay for business travelers. However, with the advancement of time and technology, serviced complexes have become first choice for professional men and women travelers. Overhauled apartments are comfortable, inexpensive and peaceful for business trips.

They are perfect for short term stay; one can get them in any part of the world due to popularity of lodging forms in corporate setting. Here, we are discussing why serviced apartments are best choice for short stay and long stay accommodations:

At present time, more and more voyagers are enjoying the benefits of Short stay accommodation of serviced flats. They have multiple unique benefits that can turn your boring cooperate stay into adventurous trip!

Serviced flats are small units that are clean as hotel rooms and you have to pay by the end of the week or day. Overhauled complexes include daily housekeeping services like vacuuming of floor, changing of linens and cleaning of bathroom. They offer you excellent package with best services. Now, you don’t have to take stress about cleaning and washing, leave it on the housekeeping services and enjoy your day. Of course, you will enjoy more comfort with best amenities like you get at home.

These retuned flats are designed with a small kitchen where you can prepare meals remaining at home. This is a great facility for long stay accommodation as every time eating in restaurants can be expensive. The user can also enjoy dryer and washer services in the room, now you are not forced to use common laundry facility of the city.

Serviced flats are spacious as compared to traditional hotel rooms; the user can enjoy individual personal space. Unlike hotels, you will be provided with separate bedroom and living room; well equipped with desk, chair, bed and other modern facilities. Book Short stay housings that offer a dining room and balcony to enjoy luxury services. It is a great way to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

The fully furnished serviced apartments are well equipped with fully stocked kitchen. Although you are not provided with any food, but kitchen utensils, cookware, cups, plates and glasses are present so that you can cook different types of cuisines. Enjoy delicious dishes with microwave and stove, store them in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage or fermentation.  

Overall, we can say that returned flats are an awesome alternative to a luxurious hotel room with alluring benefits. The user can enjoy the home-like environment without dealing with the housecleaning problem. Simply put, they are deluxe offer you ample of space, multiple amenities and separate rooms.

So, why not consider long stay accommodation for your next vacation, as they are standard option? You will enjoy the extra comfort, deluxe amenities and home-like environment in these services apartments.

If you are planning your next vacations in Mumbai then, hire Tranquil Homes. They offer quality ambient services at affordable prices. Enjoy your next deluxe stay with Tranquil homes. Enjoy! 

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