Why Choose Service Apartments over Hotels?

Now-a-days service apartments are getting popular and corporate houses are often seen to book service apartments rather than hotels. Why? Let us check out the reasons why a service apartment is better than a hotel.

More Private Space

If you want your guests love privacy or if you prefer complete solitude after work, the service apartments are your best choices. These luxury accommodations have their own kitchens, living rooms and balcony besides bedrooms; hence it not only allows boarders to be completely aloof from other guests but also gives them the freedom to choose what to eat, when to eat, sleep and relax as per their own timings. More private space allows more guests and even in-house meetings anytime. You can even ask friends to stay over. Having own kitchen not only frees you from the timetable of the hotel but also saves your cost of having outside food. As you can cook and eat your preferred delicacies, the urge to buy outside food decreases; saving money and ensuring good health at the same time. Some of the service apartments also offers you cook to help you in cooking.

Flexible Stay

Service apartments satisfies the needs of a traveler-on-the-go. You can choose your staying period from a single night to several weeks, depending on the changing requirements.

Cost Effective

Hotels charge on a per person basis while the service apartments in Malad charge based on the apartment you are choosing. Hence it is upto you how many people you want to accommodate in your apartment, which makes the deal more economical; especially when you are travelling with friends or family. Plus, you have a wide range of apartments to choose from. If you are a solo traveler reduce your budget with a single room, living area and a kitchenette; if with a large group, you can go for a 4 -bedroom villa.

Round the Clock Service

While hotel service confines to providing a good stay at the hotel, the service provided at the service apartments in Goregaon involves individual and social arrangements, airport pick and drop, arranging on-demand cabs and also with their deep knowledge about the local area, providing guests with information regarding fast food chains, theatre shows, SPAs and shopping malls.

Last but not the least; service apartments provide you a ‘home away from home’ experience. With its opulence and amiable nature of the staff, service apartments in Malad are anytime better than standard hotels of the region.

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