Travelling To Mumbai? – Here are best Places To Stay

Mumbai is one of the most beautiful and beloved cities of India. It is home to several Bollywood stars as well as industrialists. The huge influx of guests has made it a favorable spot to stay and enjoy vacations. But often people are confused on where they should stay. Here are some places where you can stay when in Mumbai.

Whether you are ultimately for a hotel, a pension or a Holiday decide depends on the region and its offer. If the trip goes to a rural region, the offer of large hotels is usually limited or not available. There are a variety of guest houses and holiday apartments. A holiday apartment is reluctantly rented only for one night, because the ratio of effort to the benefit is not given. You should rent a holiday apartment for a week. For pensioners it is already different. The pensioner is usually also prepared for guests for one night.

Of course, every landlord, no matter if hotel or pension, gladly agrees if several nights are booked. In large cities or metropolitan areas, where a large number of hotels are available, you will be more likely to opt for a hotel room than a room in a guesthouse. It does not mean that there are no service apartments in large cities. These are, however, often in the peripheral areas of the cities, perhaps also in a more attractive location than a hotel in the middle of the city. The price differences are often considerable depending on the location and the equipment. So service apartments in goregaon on the outskirts of the city can often be considerably cheaper than in a hotel in the middle of the city or service apartments.

The mixture between the hotel and the guesthouse is also worth mentioning, as some hotels are called hotel & pension, hotel or pension hotel. What’s it all about?

There are houses, which have started as a small pension and have expanded over the years in size and equipment. That is why some houses have doubled. Because a hotel is often in the reputation of being rather impersonal to the overnight guest, such apartments are preferred by many people. A large house with many rooms offers a rather average decor without a reception and calls means a lot more convenience than any other. Many houses, especially in popular tourist areas, have expanded due to the increased visitor flow and offer accommodation for higher demands or even luxury accommodation in the rural region. In these, usually family-run hotels, there is besides a round supply, additional wellness offers and other pampering programs. There is a sauna or a small swimming pool.

The personal relationship between the guest and the owner or landlord is often more cordial than in a large hotel with hundreds of beds. Whether you decide for a hotel, a guesthouse or a holiday apartment depends on the region, the particular offer and, of course, your personal preferences.

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