Top 10 Reasons to Opt for Serviced Apartments in Mumbai

Serviced Apartments gives a better value for money than hotels. Apart from providing Luxurious accommodations at par with hotels, serviced apartments also gives additional benefits like self-cooking services, lavishness, Privacy & security, Organizing functions and etc. Serviced apartment Seepz Andheri Mumbai is highly valued, because of its proximity to business and commercial activities.

The top 10 reasons to opt for serviced apartments in Mumbai are given below:  

1. Economy: The serviced apartments are very economical compared to hotels in same star service category.  The price catalogue is unmatched even with online portals for hotel room of same size, luxury and comfort.

2. Facilities: Serviced apartments offer innumerable facilities over hotels, apart from regular facilities like Gym, Banquet/Party hall, Conference rooms, Swimming pool and etc. For example, Apartments offer self-cooking, lockers facility, customization of facilities and etc, which are not imaginable in hotel rooms.

3. Spacious: The apartments are very spacious compared to hotel room with all utilities cramped in the only room, restricting movement and freedom.

4. Locality: Mumbai being a highly commercial centre, even the smallest hotels in remote locations are expensive. Whereas serviced apartments near Seepz Andheri Mumbai, where SEZ is located, offers lavish and highly decorated serviced apartments near to business centers.

5. Quality time: Taking a serviced apartment over conventional hotel room weigh a lot quality time spent on business or family trip.

6. Family Functions:  Services apartment is ideal for family or get-together functions, which bring feeling re-union among all. The closely knit apartments promote the atmosphere of love and care among friends/family members to talk and share thoughts freely.

7. Perfect Business stay:  Business community will enjoy their stay at serviced apartments than hotel room, as the former resembles homely atmosphere among colleagues. Moreover, the stay will be a refreshing experience than a tight business schedule to check-in and check-out.

8. Travel:  Since, Seepz is almost centrally located in Mumbai, travel to and from Seepz is relatively easy and commuters find it hassle free zone to move to any location in Mumbai.


9. Safety & Privacy: The apartments offer a homely and private life, which in turn remains a memorable experience. Along with privacy, safety and security is also ensured for luggage and valuables.

10. Customization:  Each person has a different food, dining and living habits. Apartments can be customized to your habits without any additional expense. This will help in a smooth transition from hometown to out-station on business trip.

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