Tips to Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai

Serviced apartments are gaining popularity day by day as the preferred mode of accommodation, for business people who travel for their work, for the families on long vacations, for the people who have to reside in big cities for prolonged medical treatments, for parents who have moved to cities for training or education of their children and for those who have shifted to new city but yet to find a new permanent. They are being used as the most suitable option to hotel rooms as they give you the feeling of home when you are away from home.

The unnatural and restrained atmosphere of hotels is not liked by everyone. Serviced apartments can prove the best option for them as they provide you with independence, space and natural living. Mumbai is most powerful trade centre of India and hence the demand for serviced apartments has also increased, which in turn has increased the number of service apartments available. However, it is imperative to know which one is the best for you. You may get confused while choosing the best serviced apartment to ensure satisfying and pleasant stay. So, here are few tips for choosing the serviced apartments in Mumbai. These tips will help you to test the service apartments on various criteria including the facilities and services offered, budget and your convenience.

  • Convenience- When you book a room in hotel, you are well aware that all the rooms are same in their size, design and facilities. If you want to have anything extra, you have to pay extra. If you are going to stay for longer period of time, then this is not the wise thing to do, especially in cities like Mumbai, where the charges for the hotel room are already high. Therefore, people prefer services apartments over hotels. However, while choosing it, it is important for you to know if it is suitable for your requirements and is convenient for you to reach. Most of the serviced apartments in Goregaon are well-ventilated, spacious with modern amenities and are easily reachable. You can choose any one of them.
  • Location- If you have come to Mumbai for business purpose, then it is imperative to have your accommodation nearer to the site. Even if you have come for vacation, then it is better to stay at a place which is convenient for going anywhere. Therefore, while choosing a services apartment, see if the location is suitable and convenient for you to travel.
  • Budget- As mentioned earlier, serviced apartments are not as costly as hotel rooms. However, the costing varies from place to place. So, look for an apartment affordable to you. You can many affordable service apartments in Malad. You will get an accommodation with home like feeling, that also in your budget.
  • Amenities- While choosing a service apartment, look for what amenities it is endowed with. The most necessary amenities are the geyser, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, adequate water supply, internet facility, intercom facility, etc. Also see if the cost for these amenities is already included in the rent amount. List out the amenities for which you have to pay extra and choose the ones really necessary for you. Few service apartments in Goregaon provide services like laundry and housekeeping along with above mentioned amenities. They may be included in the rent or you may have to pay nominal charges.
  • Security- When you choose a serviced apartment, see if it has necessary security arrangements like professional security guards, surveillance cameras, well-maintained locking system, etc. This is necessary for the safety of the person and his or her belongings.
  • Certification- See if the serviced apartment provider you are about to choose is certified or licensed by the industry. This will assure you of their reliability and commitment towards providing you the best service. The certified professionals are bound to deliver the best performance consistently. So, you get the best value for the money you are spending.
  • Customer reviews- Last but not the list, check the reviews written by the previous customers of the service apartment you are going to select. This will give you the best insight about their quality, so that you can make a well-informed decision.

These are the tips for choosing the best serviced apartment in Mumbai. Apart from all the things mentioned above, it is better to choose a service provider who has more experience. Tranquil more than 8 years of experience in serviced apartment and they are on the priority list of the travelers due to the quality of services they provide, which is enhanced by the increasing experience.

So, make use of these tips to select the best service apartment and enjoy a home like a stay.

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