The Cost Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Are you among those people, who often have to visit Mumbai and stay in a hotel for an extended period of time? Looking for the ways in which you can reduce the hotel cost without compromising with the amenities? Well, if you want to get cost benefits during your stay, you can opt for the service apartments. These apartments have all the facilities of a hotel at a cheaper price. To know more, you can check out the cost benefits of the service apartments Mumbai.

Low rent than hotel – As you rent these apartments for an extended period of time, you will have to pay the rent for a specific time period and not on day to day basis. If compared with the hotel rent, the price you pay for the apartment is much less without compromising with the amenities.

No need to pay high price for food – When you are renting a service apartment in mumbai, you can easily cook your own food and eat healthy as per your own choice. By cooking food at home, you will also be able to save money that you would have to otherwise spend for purchasing food from hotels or any eateries.

No need to purchase furniture – Compared to the traditional rented apartments, the serviced apartments are provided with all modern furniture. Therefore, there is no need to spend on wardrobes or beds. Just stay comfortably as long as you need.

Save your internet bill – Whether you stay in a hotel or in a rented property, you often have to spend a significant sum of money on the internet bills. However, if you live in a service apartment, there is no need to pay for internet bills, be it for social networking or for sending work emails. These apartments are provided with Wi-Fi services. Just browse whatever you want without worrying about money.

Less taxes – Almost everyone is aware of the luxury taxes and service taxes included in hotel bills. If you stay in the service apartments, you will have to pay less tax than hotels. Thus, you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

Service apartments should be located in some of the popular destinations and you can reach them easily by availing a public transport. To get the best deal, all you need to do is to search for the best apartments a bit extensively and take it on rent for the required time frame.

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