The Benefits of Serviced Accommodation Over Regular Hotels

Considering today’s need to be on the constant move to eke out a living or a career to meet ends, accommodation has become an important part and of life. Staying over at a hotel or a guest house had attracted many such travellers, but with the advantages, there have been many disadvantages as well. Many times, it was impossible for a person to change a pre booked hotel after checking in as sometimes hotels do not turn out to be in the same that they are made to look. With many such issues that people had been facing over time regarding accommodation, slowly the concept of serviced accommodation took root.

What is Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced Accommodation earlier often perceived as old crammed apartments with rusty furniture and soiled linen, is basically quite the opposite. They are decorated and made up in a way to make a guest feel at home with all the amenities of laundry, kitchen, air conditioning and other facilities. The gardens are well maintained and lawn and shrubs are well manicured where guests can take a breath of fresh air have peaceful walks. Serviced accommodations are a home away from home. Tranquil Homes offer serviced accommodation in Mumbai at locations such as furnished apartments in mumbai, service apartments near mumbai airport, service apartments in andheri.

Why Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced accommodation in a fast paced city like Mumbai offers a home away from home unlike otherwise regular hotels. With luxuriously decorated interiors and clean rooms along with housekeeping services at the beck and call, serviced accommodation offers all the stress free stay that a traveller wants. The apartments are located at such places from where it is quite easy to reach every corner of the city. Service apartments near mumbai airport make sure that a traveller who is in need to stay near airport gets all the facilities to without checking in at any regular hotel. Service apartments in andheri are quite in demand as it is an important location and most job related hubs are located nearby. Serviced accommodation ensures that furnished apartments in mumbai which were earlier a luxury is now quite affordable and easily available according to a guest’s need.

Tranquil Homes

As the name suggests, Tranquil Homes offer a pleasant and serene experience of having a peaceful stay. Located at some of the best complexes with the best rooms, the staff is well versed in handling corporate guests and attending to all their needs. Dedicated and passionate towards hospitality and management, we give our best efforts to give a memorable and impressive stay. Providing serviced accommodation for both personal and business tours, we aim to be client friendly, cost friendly and establish a trust with our guests on the grounds of providing excellent care towards their needs and want. We aim to give our guest an experience of luxury, calm and hassle free stay where one can just concentrate on one’s tours while we take care of the all the other needs. Feel at home with a stay in Tranquil Homes.  


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