Short Stay Apartments – Points to Remember

When taking a holiday break or an official tour, you would get unlimited options on what type of accommodation you would most like to use. Some of the popular choices are a bed, breakfast, hotels, motels, guest houses, and even the hotels. Ever, choosing the right type of accommodation has been very important than the other part of your visit and definitely, accommodation is the defining factor that determines how your holiday goes.


Short term stay apartments

When you are planning a short-term visit to Mumbai, one of the most important things on the list is to find a place to stay for a short term. Mumbai is the place that has the numerous options for the accommodation purposes ranging from luxury star hotels to local hotels. But, the actual problem with these hotels is that they do not offer the basic amenities that the visitors are looking for and some of the hotels may be very expensive.

The best solution to this is to get the short term apartments that are an ideal combination of an affordability and convenience. Short term apartments are the wise choice when you prefer to have a short stay accommodation in Mumbai.

Short term apartment rentals: A unique living!

Renting a short-term apartment is an ideal choice when you need to short stay accommodation in Mumbai even for an extended amount of time.

  • This is the best type of apartment rental is best for tenants who does not like to sign a long-term lease.
  • While renting a short term apartment, be careful to choose the one that includes housewares, linens, beddings, furnishings, and utilities.
  • For whom this is Ideal?

This type of apartment rentals will be the best for:

    • People who are relocating a new city.
    • People who couldn’t find a place to buy or rent on a long stay accommodation in Mumbai.
    • Amongst all, it is best for business travelers who will stay only for a few weeks or months.
    • Vacationers who don’t like to stay in hotels.

Short term apartments: things to consider before choosing

Surely, short term apartment rentals are a better way to stay when you want to stay away from home and for the most ones who does not like to get a long stay accommodation in Mumbai. Whatever the reason for your stay, you should consider the below three things to find the right apartment that helps you get the most out of it.

  • Location: It is advised to choose the one in the best location where you can get the easier access to banks, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.
  • Whether furnished or unfurnished: Make your choice logical selecting the furnished. When you want to have a permanent residence get the unfurnished one.
  • Amenities: Amenities are crucial regardless of your reason for visiting the city. Find the one that has internet access, TV, and Cable connection.


In today’s market, short stay apartments are filling a busy niche. A person who is relocating for or taking the breaks than the longer vacations, having this kind of apartments will give them the feel of the home as an ideal solution. Ensure to find a right apartment that delivers the comfortable and pleasant staying.

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  1. Jenna Hunter

    I loved how the article stated that these apartments are an ideal combination of an affordability and convenience. I constantly need to fly to England for business. I will be sure to talk to a travel agent about this options and it seems like a good idea!


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