Short Stay Accommodation: A Best Bet For Back Packers!

“Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled” –  Robert Frost


The famous line has been immortalized by backpackers, who seem to hit the tourist circuit on a whim. The hospitality industry has many segments catering to different categories of guests, some of which are unsuitable for all categories. Backpackers are a different category by themselves – adventurous, casual, enjoying every moment and very mobile. They choose to visit locations by traveling like the local populace to get a real feel of the area, rather than the showcased tourism that others enjoy, by hurrying through packaged tours. Consequently, their choice of accommodation also differs.


Service/cost ratio and hospitality with personalized touch

The need for comfort, hygiene, security and ambiance is common across all categories. However, the service/cost ratio swings from one extreme to the other. The logic behind the choice of informed backpackers in opting for short stay accommodation in Mumbai is very simple – why to pay for services that would not be used. Though undoubtedly good, some of the offerings by regular hospitality chains will not be utilized by clients. For example, a backpacker will use the accommodation only for the purpose of sleeping, freshening up, changing over and maybe staying in touch with family.  The entire day and most of the active night will be spent outdoors. So the backpacker will not necessary require the full-fledged services that a star rated hotel offers.


Creature comforts in a cozy nest

Cutting down on costs does not necessarily mean compromising on quality on any parameters.  Services that are offered are at par with the best. The backpacker is the kind of person who needs a cozy nest to rest. At the end of a grueling tour of the city, often on foot or public transport, the backpacker would need a warm and inviting bath, or a cold refreshing shower, a deep ultra-comfortable bed, air conditioned to ideal room temperature. The backpacker would like to stay in touch online, so connectivity is failproof and high speed. The backpacker would love to be woken up with a cup of steaming tea or coffee, so prompt room service is provided. In some instances, the backpacker would like to prepare the coffee or tea by himself, hence the appliance is made available in the apartments with sufficiently  high-quality stocks.


Security – professional and second to none

The belongings of a backpacker may not be voluminous but they are priceless, no doubt. Hence, the short stay accommodation providers ensure that the premises are secure by taking all necessary measures, including electronic and physical. The backpacker would need assistance on the locations of the conventional places of interest in the tourist circuit and those that are off the beaten track.


Ethnic flavor in art and apparel

The shopping preferences of backpackers also differ from those of tourists on the package tours. They do not shop for souvenirs that are as common as maps. The backpacker’s shopping collection is often made up of articles that truly represent the local flavor in art and apparel. Assistance on the best buys in the city will also help to narrow down the search for the right articles. A backpacker’s stay in short stay accommodation in Mumbai is not just another stay, but a stay that truly experiences the hospitality and flavor of India with all the creature comforts that are desirable.

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