Serviced Homes vs Hotels – Which is Best?

When you arrive at the city that never sleeps, you have to first make arrangements for place where you stay. This implies that you should first choose to know what can be the best place for you to reside at. Since the Mumbai city is a large one, finding accommodation can be a real challenge. The biggest issue arises when you are confused about whether you should choose to book yourself for the famed service apartments or get a hotel booking done. Most people find it confusing to choose between hotels and apartments, which is why it is important to end the confusion once and for all. Here is a list of things that will make you believe what your wisest choice should be:

  • The size: It is true that you can get hotel rooms that are the size of full blown mansions. However, you can get the most comfortably sized space only with serviced apartments that are much more reasonably priced.
  • The comfort: In most cases, it is seen that the bed, television, pantry, study and living spaces are cramped in a single room in hotels. On the other hand, a range of service apartments near airport Mumbai can give you a lot more comfort by segregating and separating the spaces.
  • The food: When you live in a hotel room, the most you can do is make tea or heat take away. However, at a residential apartment that is serviced, you can cook a meal for yourself and you don’t even have to worry about the dishes.
  • The warmth: Hotels are likely to make you feel isolated because everyone staying in a hotel is there for a fleeting amount of time. In a residential space, you can feel warmer and more welcomed because your neighbours are at home and at ease in the environment.
  • Privacy: When you need to make sure that you get your privacy in a group living in the same space, you can achieve it best at service apartments in Andheri. Separate rooms make sure that you are able to spend some quiet time with yourself.

As we conclude, you will realise that there is a lot more that you can achieve at serviced apartments than you can at hotels and all this while you remain within your budget.

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