Serviced Apartments Or Hotel Rooms: Which One To Choose?

In case you have planned a visit to Mumbai for attending a meeting or for any other purpose then you have different options to choose from in terms of available accommodation. You can either select to stay in serviced apartments in Mumbai or in hotel. So which one is a better option? Let us find it out.

Where to stay, in hotels or serviced apartments?

More Spacious Accommodation:

If you hate staying in hotel rooms which feel like bird cages then serviced apartments are the option you should look into.

Mumbai service apartments have ample space and make you feel at home. If you want similar spacious hotel rooms then you will have to pay hefty price for the same.

Make Your Own Food:

Another good thing about serviced apartments in Mumbai is that you get all the facilities to cook your own food during your stay in Mumbai.

A well furnished kitchen with things like refrigerator, oven, gas and utensils mean that you can cook anything you feel like ranging from a cup of hot coffee to a sumptuous dinner.

Staying in hotels means you have to eat out in restaurants and in Mumbai the prices are rather high which means your expenditure on food during the stay could easily cross your planned budget. Additionally, you may not always get to eat the dishes you like.

Ancillary Services:

If you decide to stay in hotel then you will have to pay for laundry services resulting in increase in expenditure. On the other hand serviced apartments have appliances like irons, washing machines and dryers.

This means you can wash your clothes as and when required, thereby helping you make considerable cost savings.

Cost Cutting:

One of the main attractions of Mumbai service apartments is that the cost of staying in serviced apartments is far less than what you have to pay for a hotel stay.

If you take into consideration the amenities available in such serviced apartments then if you want to get similar facilities in hotels then you will have to a lot more than what you would be paying for your stay in serviced apartments.


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