Serviced Apartments – A Smarter Option for the Business Travelers

Despite of the increase in the technology which gives you benefits for remaining online while on meeting, but for most of the people in Mumbai is much different as they prefer to do business face to face rather online and so business travel is still very much a necessity in the world which plays an vital role in establishing and boosting client relations to generate more profits.

It has been observed that the companies are spending more on employees on business travel so the accommodation is the most expensive part of business travel, one extremely viable approach to do this is to use serviced apartment, while being less expensive than hotel rooms and more adaptable than leased accommodations, offer numerous extra preferences to guarantee that the comfort and profitability of the business is not traded off.

Why it is said that serviced apartments are the smarter option for the business travelers?

  • Cost effective: Several hotels have reduced their rates for business travelers but they are still costly if you want to stay for few days.  Renting serviced apartments will offer you a better value than standard hotels, which remains for longer term. Guests can reduce out-of-pocket costs by cooking their own meals and not having relied on restaurants or room service.
  • It will provide more space – It’s positively normal to have more space in service apartments of andheri, up to 30% more, which is significant. Other key advantage is having a different kitchen range and in addition a living quarter to unwind in and work with similar facilities you would discover in quality lodging, i.e. Satellite TV, DVD and Wi-Fi.
  • Adaptability – Staying in a service apartment gives you the alternative to eat in or eat out, which is incredible, especially if a man is away for a long length and needs to attempt and lead a life outside of work like when they’re back home.
  • ProtectionFurnished serviced apartments will normally be smaller than hotel so the quantity of individuals in the building will be far less and clearly there isn’t a similar area of public areas, so this additionally mirrors a more home from home experience, to such an extent you could wind up feeling like a local!
  • Offers flexible and customized solutions: Service apartments meet the ever-changing needs of business travelers, providing personalized accommodation solutions anywhere in the world. And compared to traditional hotel or other lodging alternatives, serviced apartments offer a great sense of community.

Tranquil Homes service apartments in Andheri, Mumbai will help you to choose the perfect apartments according to your requirements with personalized housekeeping that will surely assures you with clean and relaxed environs. Also, Laundry and kitchen facilities are provided at the serviced apartment in Andheri. 

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