Service Apartments Near Airport – A choice That Is Perfect

Travelling to a new place comes along with a number of things and the first and foremost thing which a person has to ponder upon is the place where he/she will stay. When a person goes to a new city then the best way is to book a hotel room as it will be a better option, however while looking to stay in a city for a longer duration, than staying in a hotel can be really expensive and one may end up spending a lot of amounts.
Service apartments have become very popular in Mumbai, they are considered as the best option when you have to stay for a longer duration. Service apartments in Andheri have become very popular and there are a number of people who are taking them as the best option to stay in Mumbai.
The reason why you should choose a service apartment over to a hotel room is the amount which you have to spend and there are a couple of other reasons as well, let us have a look at them:
Affordability: As above said this is one of the most common reasons why people should choose a service apartment to stay. If you have to stay for 15 days or more than that in Mumbai then the best option to choose is to rent a service apartment. If you will compare the cost of staying at both the places then you would find that you actually have to give very less amount for rent of a service apartment, whereas you may end up paying the extravagant charges of a hotel room.
Liberty: There are many rules and regulations which a person has to follow while staying in a hotel; however you can use the service apartment freely. The space of an apartment is obviously bigger than a hotel room and moreover you can move around a service apartment freely as compared to the limited space in a hotel room.
Live the way you want: The best part about living in a serviced apartment is that, you can live there on your own terms and conditions. The food you want, the luxuries you want, you can easily get whatever you want. In most of the hotels, you may end paying extra charges for the common services, but in the case of service apartments, you can do as per your wish and affordability.
These are some of the reasons why it is always recommended to rent a service apartment rather than booking a hotel room.
If you are also looking for service apartments near airport Mumbai, then you can also get in touch with Tranquil homes. They provide service apartments in the different parts of Mumbai. The company has made sure that all the luxuries are provided in the apartments, and the apartments provided by them are well-furnished and you will enjoy your stay to the fullest there.

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