5 Benefits of Staying At Serviced Apartments

Modern population is preferring serviced apartments over hotels these days. It can be the result of wide range of advantages they offer over hotels. Serviced apartments are well known for their state of comfort, best amenities, and affordability. This is the kind of accommodation where you can focus on your work while being away from your office. Let’s have a look at 5 benefits of best service apartments for better understanding: Continue reading

5 Reasons To Choose Serviced Apartments Over Costly Hotels

Accommodation is the chief concern when you are traveling to a new city for an extended stay. There are many options to choose from like hotels, guest house, serviced apartments etc. These days popularity of the serviced apartments rising over other options. Here I give you 5 reasons to choose serviced apartments over costly hotels : Continue reading

Why Staying at Serviced Apartment Is More Economical

Planning a family holiday or going for a business trip? Whatever might be the purpose, serviced apartment is the best choice for long or short stay accommodation in Mumbai. Serviced apartments are trending in India as compared to other accommodations. Amazing facilities at affordable prices is what contributes to the popularity of serviced apartments. Read the following post to understand why it is economical to stay at the serviced apartment  Continue reading

10 Benefits Of Staying At Andheri

Irrespective of the location, service apartments give you a much better deal and a much better stay than hotels.  Especially in a city like Mumbai, these places are like a blessing for the common people who have to travel back and forth for their business purposes and need an economical and affordable place to live while they are in the city. There are a number of service apartment near the airport in Mumbai that does a very good job at accommodating people. Continue reading

7 Reason Why Staying In Malad Is More Economical

Serviced apartments in Goregaon has become one of those exceptionally content and well-equipped places to set up your home as far as the western suburbs of Mumbai is concerned because of the various benefits that will become a huge part of your life that will make your living in such an area much more economical. Anyone who is into the habit of being aware of the real estate status will know that the prices for the same have skyrocketed in the town side area of Mumbai, here is where the western suburbs of Mumbai are proving to be of brilliant accommodation places as they are providing with the right amount value for their homes and thus attracting more population. Continue reading

New to Mumbai? Here Is How You Should Plan Your Stay

Moving to a new town on your own can be quite a daunting task. But if you have to do so for your job then you might as well know the kind of options you have and how you can make yourself settle down as comfortable as possible in the new town. One of the best options here are the budget service apartments in Mumbai. These apartments are like a blessing for those who are visiting a city as costly as Mumbai, be it for a short or a long stay and need a basic accommodation fully equipped with the basic necessities and that too within their budget. Continue reading

Service Apartments

4 Place You Must Visit in Mumbai

4 Place You Must Visit in Mumbai

Serviced Apartments have become the foremost choice in demand by people and executives. The serviced apartments are luxurious and budgeted, they are located in prime areas of Mumbai like JVLR, Andheri East.  

Here are 4 places to visit in Mumbai:

Mahakali Caves: We tend to lose ourselves in the busy work schedules. Hence, it is necessary to charge up things by trying new things. It becomes difficult to get out of the city due to time constraints and seems like weekends pass in.  Mahakali Caves is one of the two caves situated in Mumbai.

Juhu Beach Well, beaches provide a different edge for those who live in Mumbai. Juhu Beach is one of the most famous beach and one of the busiest beach in Mumbai.  The serviced apartments at JVLR are very closely located to this exotic beach.

Hiranandani Garden Park: t’s still nicely maintained and offer quite a few benefits. The park is spacious and has vast open areas, it’s the perfect destination for children who want to run around and play games. People who love walking or jogging will enjoy a lot in this garden.   It’s a luxurious garden with beautiful scenic beauty. The serviced apartments at JVLR offer a great benefit for the people who stay here, as they are closely located to the luxurious Hiranandani Garden Park.

Powai Lake:  A water body always gives tranquility and peace to your eyes and if your place is located near a beautiful lake, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake.  The Powai Lake is a very famous lake in Mumbai and a very happening location too.  It has boating and other activities and you can walk and sit near the lake in the evening and enjoy the view. The JVLR serviced apartments are a wonderful destination to stay, as they are closely located to such exotic locations as the Powai Lake.   

These are the beautiful attractions in Andheri and you can take the advantage of visiting them often, if you choose to stay in the serviced apartments at JVLR.   

The serviced apartments provide comfortable and peaceful stay for business executives, corporate travelers, tourists and holiday travelers. The serviced apartments are spacious studio houses with state-of-the art amenities, and the feel of a home.  The aesthetic beauty of the apartment is remarkable and render a touch of luxury and grandeur. The serviced Apartments are the best alternative option to expensive hotel stays.   The apartments are fully furnished and well equipped with beautiful interiors.  In a fast growing place like Andheri, the serviced apartments are the best choice to stay.  

The various tourist attractions in Andheri, as mentioned above are closely located to the JVLR service apartments. Such a stay reduces your travel time and is safe.   The apartments are near to various business hubs, shopping malls, restaurants and offer convenient travel to major locations. They offer a perfect destination to stay in Mumbai.

There are various serviced apartments in Andheri, but you should choose to stay in reputed service apartments to enjoy a cherished, comfortable, flexible and cool stay at highly reasonable prices in a busy location like Andheri.

7 Reasons To Choose Executive Serviced Apartment

Planning for a long vacation or a business trip, don’t forget to book your temporary home “Executive service apartments”. It is great and highly beneficial to stay at serviced apartments rather than hotels, as service apartments provide you some wow facilities and services which are impossible to get at hotels. For example, serviced apartments in Malad and Service apartments in Goregaon available with all the basic amenities and luxury at lower cost. Still confused? You need to explore some amazing benefits of choosing an executive serviced apartment for your stay in Mumbai. Continue reading

What Benefits You Can Expect in Luxury Service Apartments?

The luxury serviced apartments are lavish in space and exquisite in ambiance.  They provide a captivating experience at a budgeted cost.   Such budget service apartments are the perfect option for a luxurious stay at reasonable prices.  The atmosphere is refreshing and the experience is fascinating and indulging.  If you are looking for a luxurious stay at a budgeted price in a city like Mumbai, then the luxury serviced apartments are the best choice for you.   You can feel calm and serene in the freshness of the surrounding air. There is lush greenery around the apartments.  

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