Must know travel packing checklist

You should be organized in packing while taking a journey for work or for holiday trip.  For an organized packing for a successful trip, you must try travel packing checklist. It’s very helpful. Your trip can be short term or long term, but serviced apartments should be the best solution for you, because in service apartments, they provide beautiful furnished rooms with all types of facilities.

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What is travel packing checklist?

This can be your first trip or the 2nd or hundredth trip, you always need to make a list of essential items to pack for the trip, and this is called travel packing checklist. If all needful things will be listed, then it will be easy for you to check out, whether you packed those things or missed.

How to do the travel packing

At first you should collect the important or required documents for the trip. Trip related documents, tickets, cards, coins, pen, etc. This all things should be in one place and that will help you to find all items in one place. Here required items are like,

  • Travel insurance info related documents
  • Personal ID, student ID card (required if you are a student)
  • Passport or visa, both cards
  • Frequent flyer card or loyalty program card,  like hotel or hostel cards
  • Sufficient Cash and credit cards
  • Health insurance card or related documents
  • Tour contacts information and hotel info
  • Tickets info (bus, train, plain, cars, etc.) is very important
  • Emergency contacts and important addresses is very useful
  • Tour contact information and other important things like tickets, passport, ID proof, driving license, medical cards, itinerary etc. You must carry as well as email a copy of those documents, so that you can access it online if originals are lost. And always double check your travel packing checklist.
  • Always carry a trolley or big bag as per your trip duration. If the trip is long or medium or short, the luggage should be as per the need.  But try to carry one short outfit with few essential toiletries and personal things in your personal hand bag for emergency, just in case your luggage is lost. But always remember that you are going to carry your all luggage, so, it should be light.
  • Take a small kit for small and essential items, like
    • Cell phone or Mobile charger(s)
    • Camera or video camera memory card, charger and batteries
    • I-pad and e-reader charger
    • Headphones, electrical converter and adapter
    • Shaving kit
    • Pen, guide book, travel guide, language guide, maps etc.
  • Apart from this you need to take another small bag for magazines, air pillows, blankets, eye mask, etc.
  • Some items like medical prescriptions, medicines, hand sanitizer, wipes, reading glass and its case etc. are also important things to carry and should be noted in the checklist.
  • Main bag packaging and keep everything organized is a challenge for you. If there are different types of activities or layers in your trip, your suitcase or trolley should be well organized. Otherwise you cannot find right things in right time. Try travel organizer.

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