Is Investing In Serviced Apartments A Good Idea?

Investing money in real estate projects is not a new idea nowadays; it is a traditional lucrative approach that is used by robust property marketers who have cultural understanding of purchasing modern homes. Most of the countries have high occupancy rates across the globe; investment in serviced apartments is growing at a fast rate over real estate investment strategy. If you are also planning to finance money in serviced apartment, know about its benefits:

With the development of business growth and travel in different parts of the world, and consequently high-to-full tenancy rates, serviced flats are becoming common across modern cities in the world. The investor has to keep multiple factors in mind while purchasing corporate serviced apartments. Usually, services corporate apartments offer strong returns at low risk.

Below are some of the major benefits of investing money in Service apartment:

  1.    Long term lease
  2.    No letting fee
  3.    No maintenance obligation or repair
  4.    No vacancies
  5.    No management fee
  6.    Fixed rental income
  7.    Superannuation and tax benefits

Apart from these benefits, typical residential possessions depend on bureaucratic negotiations with the renters and the owner but, serviced complexes are managed by the investors at minimal fees.

  •    Serviced apartment demands are on the rise

The choice of corporate travelers has changed over the past years due to increased demand for privacy and space. The business voyagers are going for corporate serviced apartments over traditional resorts and hotels. The reason behind increased trend is- comfortable, luxurious and flexible staying place with quality accommodations. The services flats offer freedom to the renter at low cost and multiple deluxe services like personal kitchen, spacious rooms and swimming pool.

The tourist reputation of many countries is high and earning fame as financial performer means, that alluring more visitors every year. This development in demand is playing an important role in increasing the occupancy rate in retuned apartments. The standard services complement the home styled corporate apartments and make it an ideal investment option.

  •    SMSF benefits

Corporate apartments offer ample of other benefits to the investor, one of the most attractive facilities is SMSF (Self-managed Super Funds). Overhauled flats can be easily twisted into self-managed super fund investments; it offers proper control to the future economic security. Investing money in serviced flats is a great SMSF idea as these apartments offer predictable and safe investment options- there are multiple essential tax benefits too.

If you are an investor and planning to invest money, then nothing can be better than serviced apartments. Try your luck and enjoy money making. You can also enjoy the services of Tranquil Homes; they will provide you home like experience. The perfectly designed complexes have windy, spacious rooms that are beautifully manicured with garden. The contemporary styled comfortable furniture and hygienic kitchen will offer you mesmerizing experience of luxurious stay. Now, you can cook your favorite cuisine easily without going out of the home. Call them today and reserve your apartment!

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