Increasing Demand for Service Apartments in India

Demand for well-furnished apartments has increased dramatically during the last decade in the global real estate market. Real estate experts have predicted this ultimatum as the mirroring growing economy.

The sudden growth of MNCs in the world has led to the migration of businessmen in every corner of the globe. To handle this sudden influx, stockholders have begun to develop serviced apartments at cost that compete with deluxe hotels.

While hotels charge on per night basis, these staying places offer reasonable rates and economical choices when reserved for longer durations.

More and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of such houses, resulting in increased expansion and exponential growth.

Benefits of Serviced apartments over hotels

Luxury service apartments are slowly overtaking ground over reputed hotels because of the deluxe services they offer, making it an ideal choice for frequent travellers who spend most of the time away from their homes. These living places are incredibly convenient due to low cost and excellent amenities.

Owners of well-furnished flats found them inexpensive to run as compared to hotels, as living units demand low upkeep and maintenance charges. Apart from this, budget Service apartments in Mumbai only need to be staffed when it run in use. The managed accommodation can be easily distributed across the town and that’s how more units can be added to expand the operation easily, it is a massive benefit.

Luxury service apartments have high occupancy rates than any other deluxe hotel, especially, during conscription season when fresh hires look for temporary accommodations. Being relatively inexpensive as compared to hotels, they are alluring choice to stay. Many furnished apartments also provide in-room laundry services to their customers. While, this may not sound as an advantage over hotel amenities, but cost saving is a major challenge that can be achieved by these living places only. 5-star hotels always charge bucks on laundry services, they are overpriced too.

This vogue has gone unobserved by majority of investors working in the hospitality field. Reputed chains have launched their deluxe and exclusive class apartments in famous cities of the world with growing economies. A huge range of cities and holiday destinations have observed expanded growth in the budget Service apartments in Mumbai. People who reach Mumbai to enjoy long vacations find them cheaper as compared to hotels or rooms for longer run.

Medical tourism has also reinvigorated the development of this market, and a lot of accommodations are being constructed in close proximity of reputed hospitals. This provides comfort to those patients who require frequent visits and long term hospital care. These well-furnished living spaces come into use when there is scarcity of beds in hospital. In short, luxury service apartments Mumbai industry is on the peak of growth. They are taking the hospitality market to a new level at fast pace, and are here to stay.

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