Furnished Serviced Apartments: A Home Away From Home

Furnished Serviced ApartmentsWhether a person is at work or leisure, the one thing that is always of most importance is the amount of comfort and happiness that one gets in life. While living at home is generally always most comfortable and satisfying, people hope and wish to get the same kind of comfort even when they are away from home. This is especially true when a person is out of the home city and travelling for a business assignment. That is when serviced apartments make the most sense.

These apartments are specially designed and developed homes for those who travel in a business capacity and are offered to the professionals for short periods of stay. The popularity of the furnished homes is growing to such an extent that they are giving hotel accommodations a run for their money. While the homes give the same level of comfort and surreal sense of satisfaction, they are built to be more like a home away from home, cutting out on the coldness and distant feeling that a hotel may give.

A service apartment is an apartment within an apartment complex, given out on rent for short durations and the patrons are generally corporate houses that send their employees for business trips or business owners themselves who travel for work. Though the houses are within an apartment premise, they are serviced and have amenities similar to that of hotels, with all the arrangements set for food, housekeeping, furniture and also an added advantage of holding a functional kitchen area.

The homes stand as an epitome of luxurious living owning to the area and the complex that they are generally situated in. A few of the best buildings in Mumbai have homes that are used for the purpose of converting to executive homes. It may not be possible for a frequent traveller to be with family like a normal working person may be able to, but being able to live in a house just like a real home is no longer a distant dream with the growing popularity of the furnished service apartments.

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