Expat Tips to Find a Clean Serviced Apartment

Mumbai is a travel hub for the Indians as well as the expats, the reason for this is that the city is the commercial capital of India and a whole lot of business houses and corporates have a presence in the city of Mumbai. While people may find it extremely exciting to travel to the city and experience a unique lifestyle,

it is also a fact that a lot of expats who travel to Mumbai and live in serviced apartments in Mumbai, do not find the places to be clean and hygienic, which may leave an entirely wrong impression of the country in the minds of the expats and also leave a bad taste in the mouths of the people who travel to the city with great expectations. This is a major reason why it is important for serviced apartments to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness is maintained in all the accommodation options that they provide. While it is the duty of service provider to provide only the best to the expats, the travellers should also ensure that they run background check on their own and see for themselves, whether they are opting for clean service apartments in Mumbai, even before they check into the room.

One of the most effective ways to check whether the apartment is going to be clean is to check online for reviews of the people who may have visited previously. The chances are high that one may be able to find positive reviews as well as the negative points of the apartment and it is very likely that if someone has had a bad stay experience, they would report it in the review section. While one may be checking for reviews, it helps to check in places that are common such as travel websites because reviews that are found on company websites may not be entirely genuine. Getting a clearer view of previous patrons is easier when one looks in open forums of feedback. Another effective way to check the cleanliness and the hygiene of Mumbai service apartments is to check how the entrance and the common areas of the building are maintained, if the place is well-maintained it is more likely to be comfortable inside, but if the external areas are not very promising, it should ring a bell for the person who has to live in the service apartment.

Even after having run thorough checks if one happens to live in an unclean apartment, it is important to bring such an event to the notice of the service providers. Not giving a feedback the service provider and writing negative reviews about the place do not serve the purpose because the place still remains unhygienic. Telling the service provider may be even better because one may not have to stay in an unclean place for the rest of the stay. Finally, it helps to be armed with basic tools of hygiene such as travel size disinfectants and sprays so that the stay may be made truly comfortable. One of the surest ways to make sure that the serviced apartment is clean is to make sure that the right kind of agency so chosen for the purpose. A good service provider who has an experience in serving expats may even know how to maintain the accommodation and what the visitors may expect from the place.

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