Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

The serviced apartment sector is growing day-by-day. It is because of the number of advantages it offers over hotels. The people are preferring serviced apartments over hotels because of the multiple benefits.

Reasons why serviced apartments are being preferred than hotels:


Serviced apartments are normally cheaper than hotels. You get more space as compared to the money you invest. The apartments also provide cost-effective laundry, internet services and food. These rates are affordable even for longer stay periods. The service apartment offer a pleasure and cherished stay. You can never enjoy such a luxury at minimum prices. For a prime place like JVLR Andheri East, Mumbai, the serviced apartments are the best option to stay for travelers. The magnificence and grandeur of the rented serviced apartments is truly impressive. You cannot get this feeling in hotels even after spending a lot.


This is the biggest advantage in a serviced apartment. You certainly get more space and separate rooms and areas giving a homely feeling. The spacious apartments make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You get relieved of your stress. The serviced apartments offer a safe and secured stay to the travelers.   The apartments from popular providers ensure safety parameters like safety cameras, security of rooms and safe locks, fully covered entrance and exits etc.-etc.

Perfect for Business Stay

For business travelers, serviced apartments offer a better stay option and a variety of benefits over hotels.  For longer business stays, this becomes more important.  At such a place like JVLR Andheri in Mumbai, these are the best stay options. The travelers get a feeling of home away from home and get the comfort which they feel in their homes.  Such a stay offers contentment, relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation enough to rejoice your soul and relieve you of day-to-day anxiety and stress. The travelers also feel good and relaxed as the apartments are present at prime locations like JVLR, Andheri, Mumbai, and so reduce their travel time. The apartments are near to various business hubs, shopping malls, restaurants and offer convenient travel to major locations. They offer a perfect destination to stay in Mumbai.

A Good Hosting Space

As you have more space, you can entertain family or friends or business clients coming for meeting. There are porters for welcoming and you get better hosting options. Such a good environment attracts the customers and they feel happy to stay in such a comfortable, spacious home, especially in a prime place like JVLR, Andheri, and Mumbai.  

Flexibility and Availability

These service apartments are easily available and offer flexible stay options. You can increase or decrease the stay period after informing.  Unlike hotels, you get easy bookings and long duration stay in the serviced apartments. These apartments also allow you to have homely food and at the time you want, you can get them cleaned as per your convenience. They allow complete freedom and flexibility of movement and other things.   


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