Checklist to Consider before Owning a Serviced Apartments

If you are looking for a comfortable stay at economical price in a city like Mumbai, then the serviced apartments are the best choice for you.  The corporate serviced apartments are available at prime locations in Mumbai like AndheriGoregaon, and Malad etc.-etc.  and are becoming the most preferred choice for business travelers.  

Checklist to consider before owning a serviced apartment:   

If you are looking for luxury service apartments in Mumbai, you should consider this checklist before owning a serviced apartment.  This checklist will help you to find the luxury apartment of your choice.

  • Comfort

When you look for a room in hotel, you judge various parameters like luxury and comfort etc.  Similarly, if you want to choose a service apartment then look for the apartment which meets all your needs. You can choose the apartment according to your comfort.

  • Proximity

You should find out about the location of the corporate serviced apartments before booking them. This will help you to reduce your travel time.  You can select service apartments that are present at prime locations to get proximity to various business hubs, shopping malls, restaurants and convenient travel to major locations.

  • Customer Response

Before booking a serviced apartment in Mumbai, you should take into consideration the response and feedback of the customers. This will help you to understand the past experiences of the previous customers, which will guide you in making the right choice.   

  • Reasonable

Search for the corporate serviced apartments that give you a homely feel at an economical price.   They are normally a better choice than hotels as they come at budgeted price.

  • Security and Safety

Search for the serviced apartments that are popular and have authentic accreditations. Before booking a serviced   apartment, you must check the safety parameters like safety cameras, security of rooms and safe locks, fully covered entrance and exits etc.

  • Large and Airy

You should search for corporate serviced apartments that have enough space and are properly ventilated. Such apartment will give you a homely feel. Prefer the apartments which are surrounded with lush greenery and are properly ventilated, giving you a relaxing and calm feel. The more spacious apartments with greenery in surroundings will help you to get refreshed and relaxed.  

  • Luxury

Search for best serviced apartments that have various amenities like proper bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens with all appliances, entertainment center with TV, cable, private phone lines, high-speed internet access etc. You should prefer apartments that provide you with proper amenities.   

  • Facilities

You should look for various facilities in the corporate serviced apartments like laundry, regular housekeeping, grocery service, catered meals, car rental. Porters to attend you etc.etc.

  • Reputed Provider

You should choose to book serviced apartments from reputed serviced apartments providers like Tranquil Homes to get the best and safest stay experience in a city like Mumbai.  

The above checklist will help you in booking the appropriate and best corporate serviced apartments in a city like Mumbai.  

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