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4 Place You Must Visit in Mumbai

4 Place You Must Visit in Mumbai

Serviced Apartments have become the foremost choice in demand by people and executives. The serviced apartments are luxurious and budgeted, they are located in prime areas of Mumbai like JVLR, Andheri East.  

Here are 4 places to visit in Mumbai:

Mahakali Caves: We tend to lose ourselves in the busy work schedules. Hence, it is necessary to charge up things by trying new things. It becomes difficult to get out of the city due to time constraints and seems like weekends pass in.  Mahakali Caves is one of the two caves situated in Mumbai.

Juhu Beach Well, beaches provide a different edge for those who live in Mumbai. Juhu Beach is one of the most famous beach and one of the busiest beach in Mumbai.  The serviced apartments at JVLR are very closely located to this exotic beach.

Hiranandani Garden Park: t’s still nicely maintained and offer quite a few benefits. The park is spacious and has vast open areas, it’s the perfect destination for children who want to run around and play games. People who love walking or jogging will enjoy a lot in this garden.   It’s a luxurious garden with beautiful scenic beauty. The serviced apartments at JVLR offer a great benefit for the people who stay here, as they are closely located to the luxurious Hiranandani Garden Park.

Powai Lake:  A water body always gives tranquility and peace to your eyes and if your place is located near a beautiful lake, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake.  The Powai Lake is a very famous lake in Mumbai and a very happening location too.  It has boating and other activities and you can walk and sit near the lake in the evening and enjoy the view. The JVLR serviced apartments are a wonderful destination to stay, as they are closely located to such exotic locations as the Powai Lake.   

These are the beautiful attractions in Andheri and you can take the advantage of visiting them often, if you choose to stay in the serviced apartments at JVLR.   

The serviced apartments provide comfortable and peaceful stay for business executives, corporate travelers, tourists and holiday travelers. The serviced apartments are spacious studio houses with state-of-the art amenities, and the feel of a home.  The aesthetic beauty of the apartment is remarkable and render a touch of luxury and grandeur. The serviced Apartments are the best alternative option to expensive hotel stays.   The apartments are fully furnished and well equipped with beautiful interiors.  In a fast growing place like Andheri, the serviced apartments are the best choice to stay.  

The various tourist attractions in Andheri, as mentioned above are closely located to the JVLR service apartments. Such a stay reduces your travel time and is safe.   The apartments are near to various business hubs, shopping malls, restaurants and offer convenient travel to major locations. They offer a perfect destination to stay in Mumbai.

There are various serviced apartments in Andheri, but you should choose to stay in reputed service apartments to enjoy a cherished, comfortable, flexible and cool stay at highly reasonable prices in a busy location like Andheri.

5 Reasons To Choose Serviced Apartment for Business trips

Serviced Apartments are the best abode for your business trips. They provide the best accommodation of your choice,  that is very much suited to your business trip.  The serviced apartments provide you hotel-like amenities and give you extended stay that too at a budgeted price.  These are the reasons that serviced apartments are gaining more and more popularity.  They are becoming a popular option ideal for business trips.    Continue reading

6 Reasons Why choose serviced Apartment over Hotels?

Serviced Apartments give a homely feel to people.   Our State of the art serviced apartments in Malad, and Goregaon and other such prime locations of Mumbai offer a comfortable and cozy stay to people and a feeling of tranquility which is difficult to catch especially in a business city like Mumbai. Continue reading

5 Facts to Know About Serviced Apartments!

Mumbai is the city of dreams for almost everyone that comes to the land. There are people that seek to settle in the world of opportunities and there are others that would want to just live for a short or long period and leave. In any case, it is important to find a house that you can live comfortably in. There are people that choose to live in hotels while yet others choose serviced apartments in Goregaon available from Tranquil Homes. If you are in need of a serviced apartment, you should first check out the following 5 facts about serviced apartments: Continue reading

Service Apartments a Good Option to Stay in Mumbai

Living in Mumbai is a dream that a lot of people see and work towards making true. However, it is important to realise that there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration when you choose to live in a city so active and lively like Mumbai. You need to know that you have to be a part of constant hustle to be able to survive and thrive here. Your house plays an essential role when you want to lead a happy and satisfying life in the city. This is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people choose to live in service apartments in Andheri with Tranquil Homes. There is a set of advantages that you can get only with the help of service apartments in the city. Here is why a service apartment is a good option to stay in Mumbai: Continue reading

Planning a Trip to Mumbai: Go for Serviced Apartments

If someone planning to visit Mumbai for a business trip  or just coming for having fun with friends or family, the stay in the hotel will not be preferred by many. Visitors mostly preferred homelike stay if they stay for more days. Business trips usually last for many days and sometimes for weeks, so mostly companies prefer homelike stay for their employees so that they don’t have to face any problem regarding say or any facility.
Tourists who visit Mumbai manly prefer serviced apartments because they get each facility, according to their needs during their visit. Continue reading