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The Reasons Why Everyone Love Luxury Serviced Apartments.

A catchy phrase is all around the city of Mumbai of Serviced Apartments. More people are attracted towards it. Other than tourists, native people also like the concept of it more. The tourists and travelers love to stay in Luxury Serviced Apartment in Mumbai instead staying in hotels. Hotel stay can’t provide the service which the people of the serviced apartments provide to their visitors. Continue reading

5 Facts that you Never Knew about Serviced Apartments

Service apartments are somewhere between the home and hotel stay. This is because they are rent able and secondly, they are well furnished and give homelike experience on staying. Whether anyone wants short-term stay in Mumbai or long-term stay in Mumbai, the visitor can plan his or her stay according to his or her own needs and duration of visit.

Serviced apartments have all the facilities which someone can’t have in a hotel stay instead of staying in a luxury hotel, but the tariffs of the luxury hotels are so high which sometimes seems of not worthy. Continue reading

Serviced Homes vs Hotels – Which is Best?

When you arrive at the city that never sleeps, you have to first make arrangements for place where you stay. This implies that you should first choose to know what can be the best place for you to reside at. Since the Mumbai city is a large one, finding accommodation can be a real challenge. The biggest issue arises when you are confused about whether you should choose to book yourself for the famed service apartments or get a hotel booking done. Most people find it confusing to choose between hotels and apartments, which is why it is important to end the confusion once and for all. Here is a list of things that will make you believe what your wisest choice should be:

  • The size: It is true that you can get hotel rooms that are the size of full blown mansions. However, you can get the most comfortably sized space only with serviced apartments that are much more reasonably priced.
  • The comfort: In most cases, it is seen that the bed, television, pantry, study and living spaces are cramped in a single room in hotels. On the other hand, a range of service apartments near airport Mumbai can give you a lot more comfort by segregating and separating the spaces.
  • The food: When you live in a hotel room, the most you can do is make tea or heat take away. However, at a residential apartment that is serviced, you can cook a meal for yourself and you don’t even have to worry about the dishes.
  • The warmth: Hotels are likely to make you feel isolated because everyone staying in a hotel is there for a fleeting amount of time. In a residential space, you can feel warmer and more welcomed because your neighbours are at home and at ease in the environment.
  • Privacy: When you need to make sure that you get your privacy in a group living in the same space, you can achieve it best at service apartments in Andheri. Separate rooms make sure that you are able to spend some quiet time with yourself.

As we conclude, you will realise that there is a lot more that you can achieve at serviced apartments than you can at hotels and all this while you remain within your budget.

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Find The Best Furnished Apartments in Mumbai at Tranquil Homes

If you are looking at renting furnished apartments in Mumbai for short or long stays in the city, your best bet is to book with one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the field. You should choose to pick Tranquil Homes as your stay partners to make sure that you make the most of your trip to the city of dreams and a city that never sleeps. There are a number of reasons why you should make sure that you pick the best company for getting your home rented and when you understand the reasons, nothing can hold you back from making your booking with them. Continue reading

Serviced Apartments in Mumbai – Luxurious yet Affordable

The tourism industry has blasted up in the current years. Be it business outings or treks for delight, tourist rush in expansive numbers in the nation’s business capital, Mumbai.

Individuals return to the place not only for pleasure but rather for the brilliant friendliness they get from Mumbai. With an agreeable and safe stay in this Maharashtra capital, the trip turns into a critical and a financially savvy one. Continue reading

Guide to Short & Long Stay Accommodations in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams for many of individuals and this is the motivation behind why many people make this city their everlasting home. The city is the business capital of the nation and that is the reason the city is a center point for business houses and all the corporate of the nation. There may not be a solitary expansive organization which may not be housed in Mumbai. Continue reading

Amenities and Services Offered by Serviced Apartments

To live is compulsory but to stay with comfort is necessity! It is in your hands what you select for your betterment. So, always go for the best stay needed for business travel, holiday, project assignments or relocation! Continue reading

Affordable Serviced Apartments in Mumbai

The concept of serviced apartments has managed to gain recognition for offering high quality living standards within much less rates. In this manner, they got popularized as an affordable answer to the pricey stays at hotels. It is likely to provide ample opportunities for people to enjoy a comfortable stay, exactly similar to their own home. Definitely, it is a perfect stay option for families, who are not willing to spend much on the exclusive luxuries offered in a big hotel. Working on this ideation, Mumbai city of India come up with serviced apartments for providing easy stay to the visitors. Certainly, serviced apartments in Mumbai are adorned with basic as well as modern amenities. Continue reading

5 Best Places To Live In Mumbai

Existing as the business hub of India, Mumbai is also Known as the land of fulfilling dreams and home to Bollywood. The fast pace life existing in Mumbai has attracted tremendous amount of investment in real estate. Another reason for buying a home or apartment in Mumbai is that it offers active lifestyle. With events happening at some or the other place, amazing nightlife and loads of activities, this city has managed to develop a special place in the heart of global investors. Presently around 20 million people are residing in Mumbai and more have been flocking on daily basis. This has led to the surge in real estate prices. But, this has not deterred people in investing here. Indeed, under-mentioned are the 5 best places to stay in Mumbai for sure. Though, buying bungalows or houses are possible; but, easiest ones to acquire are apartments.

Continue reading

Best Serviced Apartments- Make Your Stay Cozy & Comfortable

The world is turning into a tiny global village in present time. Travelling to far off places has become easier than ever and as such, the general public from the world is now shifting and living at one place to another for business or tourism. Mumbai is one of the greatest cities to live in India. Being the commercial capital of India, it entertains and hosts a vast crowd of wandering tourists as well as corporate executives’ day in and day out.

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