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9 Advantages of Owning Serviced Apartments in Goregaon

Serviced Apartments offer a homely feel and are very good staying option in a city like Mumbai. There are various serviced apartments in prime locations of Mumbai like Andheri, Goregaon and Malad etc. These serviced apartments offer a relaxed and comfortable stay experience. They have a lush green landscape and offer a calm feeling even in a busy city like Mumbai.    Continue reading

Why Serviced Apartments Are Better for Short Stay?

Serviced Apartments are better for short stay than hotels as you can get fully furnished apartments and at best rates in a place like Mumbai.  Furnished apartments are full of amenities and facilities with a dedicated team of professionals to serve.  They offer you flexible extended stay option. The reputed short stay serviced apartments are spacious and have big suites with separate living room, dining area, bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchen. These serviced apartments are highly suitable for business travelers as they offer various facilities like Laundry, regular housekeeping, 24 hours internet access, telephone, airport service, grocery service, catered meals, etc. Continue reading

Why to Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai?

Choosing furnished apartments in Mumbai is definitely a better option than choosing to stay in hotels as the furnished apartments offer a homely feel and they are definitely more reasonable than hotels. You can find good service apartments at some of the prime locations of Mumbai like Andheri, Malad, and Goregaon etc.-etc. These apartments offer a comfy and cozy stay to people and a peaceful feel that is difficult to find in a busy city like Mumbai. Continue reading

5 Tips on Choosing Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

If you are looking for a luxurious stay at budgeted price in a city like Mumbai, then the luxury serviced apartments are the best choice for you.  The serviced apartments are available at different accessible and prime locations in Mumbai like AndheriGoregaon, and Malad etc. There are so many luxury apartments available in Mumbai so one can find it difficult to find the best option and to choose the best luxury apartment provider for a comfortable stay.  

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5 Things to Do Before Travelling

The cost of airfare, serviced apartments accommodation and rental cars can be the holy triple preparation for travel, but these aspects of your vacation are just the beginning of the trip planning process. If you want to achieve a well-planned trip without a headache (and who does not want it?). Then we are ready to give you 5 key tips on what you need to do before you go on a long-awaited journey. So, do not leave the house without completing the following 5 tasks! Continue reading

Why Serviced Apartments are Ideal for Corporate Employees?

Corporate employees often have to move from one place to other for meetings, marketing and sales activities. Thus, they require a proper accommodation where they can relax their mind in peace and also feel comfortable.

In today’s time and space, the popularity of serviced apartments is increasing in terms of corporate travels. Companies are finding these spaces to be a better option for the temporary stay of their employees. Let us understand why they are preferring the serviced apartments and are they really a feasible option for corporate stays. Continue reading

Why Staying at Serviced Apartment Is More Economical

Planning a family holiday or going for a business trip? Whatever might be the purpose, serviced apartment is the best choice for long or short stay accommodation in Mumbai. Serviced apartments are trending in India as compared to other accommodations. Amazing facilities at affordable prices is what contributes to the popularity of serviced apartments. Read the following post to understand why it is economical to stay at the serviced apartment  Continue reading

What Benefits You Can Expect in Luxury Service Apartments?

The luxury serviced apartments are lavish in space and exquisite in ambiance.  They provide a captivating experience at a budgeted cost.   Such budget service apartments are the perfect option for a luxurious stay at reasonable prices.  The atmosphere is refreshing and the experience is fascinating and indulging.  If you are looking for a luxurious stay at a budgeted price in a city like Mumbai, then the luxury serviced apartments are the best choice for you.   You can feel calm and serene in the freshness of the surrounding air. There is lush greenery around the apartments.  

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Which Type of Serviced Apartment Suits Best to You?

Serviced apartments come in all shapes and sizes. That means in Mumbai or any other city at least, there is an apartment that can suit anyone’s needs. This is one thing that makes them unique and always in demand. However, the choice of a suitable serviced apartment depends on many factors and different people and groups of travelers will find different types of serviced apartments useful. Continue reading

Why Demand of Serviced Apartments are Increasing Day by Day?

Let’s have a quick glance at part of the statistics in the fifth Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report 2015-2016. The report reveals 14 percent increase in the serviced apartment supply globally, relocations and online demand, and an increasing investor interest in the sector. Continue reading