Benefits Of Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

If you are travelling to Mumbai and not able to decide whether to stay in a hotel or service apartments in Mumbai then you are at the right place. In the following sections we will be looking at some of the positive points in favour of serviced apartments which will surely compel you to select them for your trip.

Advantages of Staying in Serviced Apartments

Cost Factor

First of all some of the best service apartments in Mumbai are far less costly in comparison to hotels that anyone will get lured.

Here you also keep note of the fact that these serviced apartments have lot many facilities as compared to hotels which is why such an option becomes even more interesting.

Several Amenities

These apartments are fully equipped with all the amenities you can think of starting from air conditioner to LED TV, cable connection, Wi-Fi internet connection, furnished bathroom with toiletries and hair dryer and conference as well as meeting rooms where events can be arranged.

These amenities easily surpass what you get to avail in a hotel stay and are one of the primary reasons more and more people are getting inclined to stay in these service apartments in Mumbai.

Fully Functional Kitchen

Another advantage of staying in these apartments is that you get to make use of a fully furnished kitchen having things like microwave oven, gas, fridge and coffee maker. This ensures you do not have to rely on outside food and cook as per your liking.

Now you can make your own cup of coffee after returning from a hectic day out spent in meetings or travelling and relax while watching your favourite movie on TV. This type of facility is not provided in any of the hotels and unique to service apartment stays.

Cost of eating out in Mumbai can be exorbitant and now you can avoid such type of expense by simply staying in these apartments.

Prime Locations

Best service apartments in Mumbai are located close to top business centres in the city which means travelling time is significantly reduced in case you are coming to the city on a business trip.

In addition to it, these are situated with easy accessibility to means of transportation so that commuting from one place to another becomes very easy. All these facilities are hardly available together in a hotel stay.

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