Benefits And Features Of A Good Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartment is an accommodation where you get combined feature of traditional hotel and home which makes it suitable and comfortable for the travelers. This type of combined features makes the apartment feel more like home. Homily feeling makes travelers more comfortable and relaxing. There are lots of serviced apartments all around the Mumbai, which are always in demand. They all are beautifully furnished. Most of the travelers look for furnished apartments for their stay. Self-contained and fully furnished serviced apartments are designed for long, medium or short term stays with all types of facilities and fittings.

Serviced apartments are the solution for temporary or long-term accommodation. These are facilitated with daily linen service, maid service, 24 hrs porter service, fitness center, swimming pools etc. With the above said facilities, serviced apartments near Mumbai airport are mainly occupied by the passenger who needs to avail air service from airport. They book rooms for short term staying.

Serviced apartments provide large spacious rooms with kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and rooms for work also. Whatever the purpose of booking a serviced apartment, it is the best solution for getting relaxed and comfortable staying. Booking a serviced apartment is cost effective also. Foods are cheaper than the restaurant.

Features and benefits of service apartment

  • Furnished: Service apartments are fully furnished with good quality wooden or metal furniture and storage system. You can store your luggage and belongings there. You can get complete comfort and luxury feelings staying here.
  • More spacious:  Normally, hotel room comes with one room and a bathroom. Whereas serviced apartments have a number of rooms and it’s provided space is equivalent to the double of a standard hotel room. Even in a serviced apartment there are separate kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and sometimes working room also. Altogether it provides more spacious room facility.
  • High quality: What you get normally in the expensive hotel room, you get all those facilities in service apartment. Moreover, there you get more entertainment facility of cable TV, DVD, CD player and all in-room technology. You will get complete equipped kitchen, high quality bed linen and toiletries.
  • Homely feeling: Serviced apartments are very hospitable. In fact main benefits of staying in a serviced apartment are that you will get all the comfort and relaxation just like your own home. You will be provided with a chef to host a dinner party in the apartment and get the charm of own home-cooked meals. Being at apartment, cook what you like, play a DVD, listen to music, invite friends around and entertain make you feel like you are staying in your own home.
  • Cost effective: Staying in a serviced apartment is more money saver than book a hotel room. Hotel is expensive not only for their rooms, but also for the foods you have to order. In a serviced apartment, you can cook whatever you like and that can help you to save your money as you like. Drinks, juices and foods are cheaper than the restaurants.

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