Amenities You Can Expect In A Serviced Apartment

A serviced apartment is usually a complete apartment with a living room, one or more bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is generally used by organisations to provide accommodations for their employees who are required to stay in a place other than their home town. Service apartments are also used by others for their accommodation requirements. Since Mumbai is one of India’s most busy cities, it is filled with many serviced apartments.l Although many prefer serviced apartments for long stay accommodation in Mumbai, some also use them for short stay accommodations in Mumbai. The reason for this wide spread popularity of these serviced apartments is the amenities that are available in these types of apartments.

  • Kitchen and Food:

The first and foremost service one would expect in any accommodation is food. In serviced apartments, this service is met. There are cooks available in these apartments who will prepare the meals that we would require, if we inform them. These apartments will also, usually, have a fully equipped kitchen with utensils and groceries. This gives one the luxury to fix a quick meal for those unexpected or mid-night hunger streaks.

  • Air-condition:

The climate of India puts air conditioning at the top five basic requirements of an accommodation. Therefore, most of the long stay accommodations in Mumbai are air conditioned, and so are most of the serviced apartments in Mumbai.

  • Service Staffs:

As the name suggests, these apartments do come with services and also service staff. These staffs provide services like keeping the place clean, cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, refilling the toilet supplies, refilling grocery supplies, changing bed sheets, providing you with new blankets, and many more. The service staff is usually a maid, who might be living in the same premise, but in a separate maid room, so that he/she is just a call away.

  • Other Amenities:

Since the name of this type of apartments has the word service in it, it has created an expectation in the minds of those who rent these serviced apartments. Nevertheless, many serviced apartments have met these expectations by providing services such as 24 hours Wi-Fi, TV, library, in room electronic safe, and laundry and dry cleaning services. Out of these amenities, free Wi-Fi is most expected one. Therefore, many serviced apartments in Mumbai, even those that are usually used as short stay accommodations in Mumbai provide the people who rent them with 24 hours free Wi-Fi.

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