Amenities Available In Luxury Service Apartments

Not just a room – A home away from home

Many tourists, and those on lengthy business trips to Mumbai, the commercial capital, would like a home away from home, and not just a hotel for lodgings. Luxury service apartments in Mumbai offer a wide range of facilities that are attractive and suit the needs of travelers, according to budgets. Invariably nestled in residential areas, but not too distant from the business district, serviced apartments offer facilities with the flexibility that suffice to meet the requirements.


Necessities, amenities & beyond

The three requirements one looks for when staying away from home in a large metropolis like Mumbai are

  • Basic necessities
  • Required amenities
  • Desirable facilities

Serviced apartments provide all the above in an affordable manner, read on to learn the offerings


Cooking – for the guests, by the guests

Though restaurants offer a wide-ranging and fine dining menu in Mumbai, the option of cooking a dish of one’s choice with subtle variations to satisfy taste preferences and health requirements is the preferred choice. This desire is all the more emphasized when the need for travel is frequent. ¬†Similarly, families traveling in groups either for leisure or for medical purposes require a meal mix to suit every individuals’ needs. This can be met in the comfort of a kitchen, accessible at all times. Serviced apartments have kitchens with working appliances to enable cooking a meal of the guests’ choice by the guests.


Air conditioned splendor

The interiors of serviced apartments are spruced up with art, decor and color combinations to give the feel of a residence. All rooms are air conditioned, with hygienic wash rooms, all maintained by a dedicated team of housekeeping staff. A Lesser number of apartments translates into better attention to detail and effectively high standards. The furniture in the rooms is functional, suiting the working needs of businessmen while being comfortable and pleasing in visual grandeur.


Concierge services and connectivity

A business traveler would require certain facilities 24/7, and would feel stranded if certain services are not available. Serviced apartments offer services through a concierge team, such as arranging transport, printing, scanning etc., suggesting places to visit. This convenience actually saves a lot of time for a stranger to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and is a value addition that is much sought after. The world runs on connectivity, and nothing seems to move without IT. Serviced apartments offer Wi-Fi broadband in all rooms ensuring that the guest can go online at the touch of his screen. Apart from this, serviced apartments offer mini refrigerators, washing machines, and electric iron.


Security and privacy

Serviced apartments offer privacy in the midst of a residential locality. The feeling of being at home will be incomplete if security is lax, especially in the wake of rising crime. Service apartments take a lot of care to provide foolproof security to its guests, by way of CCTV cameras and associated security devices apart from securing the premises physically by deploying security personnel.


Luxury service apartments in Mumbai have evolved from being a cheap alternative to hotels, to a much sought after qualitative service, with benchmarked standards.


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