Advantages of the Best Serviced Apartments over Hotels

When in Rome, live as the Romans do. However, when one is in Mumbai, the same cannot be applied. The space crunch that is experienced in Mumbai is something that the city is infamous for, this is one of the reasons why those who travel to Mumbai on work or leisure, often look for Mumbai service apartments. These apartments have become a favourite among travellers because of the amenities and the facilities that the patrons are provided when they live in the home. A lot of guests have even started forgoing hotel rooms, for the sake of living in the furnished luxury apartments. There are a number of reasons for the changing phenomenon of people shifting from living in hotels to living in service apartments in Mumbai.

Service ApartmentsOne of the biggest differences between the two accommodation options is that the hotel rooms give a cold and distant feel to the guests, while an apartment gives the feel of a home away from home especially for those who come on a business or company tour and decide to stay in corporate serviced apartments in Mumbai. Another major difference between the two is that the surroundings and the people that live in the same complex of a hotel are also travellers and may keep to their own selves, while the people living in apartment complexes may make the guests feel welcomed and joyful. The comfort of a home and all the furniture and amenities and the provision of a functional kitchen with the option of having home cooked food is another major factor that leaves hotel rooms behind in the race to comfort and liking.

Living in a comfortable and luxurious home in a busy and stressful city like Mumbai is a great achievement in itself. This is also another reason why the travellers prefer to take up a home accommodation when compared to a hotel accommodation. A lot of options may be available with travellers and they may have the choice to pick the best hotels possible, but when a home is put in comparison with a hotel, the home is more often chosen by the wise. 

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