Advantages of Staying in a Service Apartment

If you are in search for a mid-range accommodation for a short period of time, the first thing that might be on your mind is a hotel. However there is a great alternative that might not only work out to be cheaper but it will also be having better amenities. These are the serviced apartments. There are many luxury service apartments in Mumbai that can cater to all your important needs. A serviced apartment is an apartment that is completely furnished and also offers a lot of comfort as well as privacy. However it is run with a housekeeping staff. This staff is responsible for all the services. Some benefits of budget service apartments in Mumbai are as follows.

A lot of space

This is the biggest advantage especially if you are staying the same city for several months or years. Since all the serviced apartments in general have a separate dining and living area, you will not just be confined to a small bedroom. You will be able to acquire more than enough space to have a comfortable stay.

Configuration for group or family travel

You will be able to find apartments with several bathrooms and bedrooms that are branching off from one particular central area. This can work extremely well for the couples who are with children. Everyone will be able to enjoy his or her privacy and can also hang out in a large lounge room.


You might not be interested in a doing a lot of cooking during your stay. However there will always be a kitchen with a microwave and a fridge. You can have snacks and also heat the leftovers by using the microwave.

A less frequency of housekeeping

Compared to the traditional hotels, the housekeeping frequency in these serviced apartments in done only couple of times in a single week. You will not have to worry about getting disturbed by the housekeeping staff every time during your stay.


There are many hotels that do your laundry. However they charge a lot for this service. The serviced apartments will come with a dryer and an in- room washer and this means that you will be able to wash all your clothes at a free cost.


The final estimate cost of a serviced apartment is cheaper than that of a hotel. No matter how lavishly spend your time, the cost is always going to be less. You can get great rates for spending your time in a serviced apartment.

It is just like a hotel

You can also avail facilities like pool, gym, restaurants, conference center and concierge in many serviced apartments. This makes your serviced apartment look just like a hotel.

The benefits mentioned and explained above are all genuine as serviced apartments are in existence and there is no doubt about that. You must enquire properly before you actually acquire such services. You can gain information on the internet as well. These days many big cities have a lot of serviced apartments.

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