7 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Better than Hotels

As the old gets modernized and travel becomes a way of life, Mumbai as a city of dreams sees hordes of visitors coming into the city every day. There are those who come for a long duration to pursue their dreams and make a living and there are those who come for short visit for varied reasons and go back to their home cities after finishing their task in Mumbai. While those who come for a longer duration most definitely chose a home for their self and set up a life, those who come for short visits need to choose between living in a hotel or living in the best service apartment in Mumbai. The comparison between a hotel and the serviced apartments is something that is catching on in the modern times and more often; it is the serviced apartment that wins the race in comparison to the hotels. Here are 7 reasons why serviced apartments are better than hotels.

1. Food: While a lot of serviced apartments offer catering services, there is always an added advantage to have a built-in and functional kitchen in the house, which is a possibility only with serviced apartments.

2. Neighbourhood: One may not be able to find the comfort and the cosiness of a neighbourhood if they choose to live in a hotel in Mumbai; on the other hand the apartments offer the choice.

3. Area: Choosing an area for accommodation becomes extremely easy with the apartments, because finding a hotel near the place of work may not be as easy as finding service apartments in Andheri.

4. Costs: One may be able to get a whole lot of economic and pocket friendly options for serviced apartments in Mumbai but the same may not be true for a hotel room.

5. Warmth: With a long and hard day at work away from family, one may want the warmth and comfort of a home, which may not be available at a hotel but can be found in a serviced apartment.

6. Comfort: Since hotel rooms are designed specifically to bring in good business for the hotel owners, the rooms often end up feeling cramped and too small for comfort, but apartments are usually much larger and more comfortable in comparison.

7. Policies: The policies and rules of an apartment are generally more relaxed and one may be able to feel truly comfortable and free in the space, when it is compared to the policies and the rules of a hotel room.

When comparing a hotel room and a serviced apartment, it is usually seen that comfort and warmth loving pat

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