5 Things to Consider Before Job Relocation

Job relocation – these two words together will push any person, even the strong decision makers, into a state of chaos. Regardless of whether you have put in a lot of years for the organisation or you are a new employee, relocation is a huge life changing event. Some may find such an opportunity exciting, while some may find it to be terrifying. Well, exciting or terrifying, there are a few things that one should consider before accepting or rejecting this offer.

Accommodation and Commute:

Be it long term or short term relocation, accommodation should be your first and foremost concern. For example, if you company requires you to relocate to Mumbai then check if your company is providing you with corporate serviced apartments in Mumbai to stay. If they are providing you with one such accommodation, then enquire and research about that apartment and the services that will be provided to you in that particular accommodation. Many serviced apartments in Mumbai provide services such as fully equipped kitchen with a cook and groceries, 24 hours free Wi-Fi, TV, Library, Gym, housekeeping services, and many more. In the process of enquiring about the accommodation, also make sure to enquire about the commute – how far is the office from the apartment and the easy modes of transport to get there.

The Neighbourhood and the City:

After you are satisfied with the serviced apartment that is provided for your accommodation, start to gather information about the neighbourhood of the corporate serviced apartments in Mumbai. The neighbourhood should be a safe one, and should have a hospital at close proximity. Even though the neighbourhood of the accommodation provided to you is favourable, the city should also be a favourable one. The city should be safe, preferably with lesser cost of living than your hometown. If the cost of living is high, make sure you would be able to cope up with the lifestyle followed in that city.

Salary and Career:

Job relocation is not only a major change in your career, but also in your life. When you make such a change in your life, you will be going through many struggles as you adjust and adapt to the change. Therefore, make sure that the job relocation is worth the struggle. Consider the salary rise they are offering, the financial state of the company, and your future prospects in the company before you make the decision.

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