5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Serviced Apartments

Relocating business to an all-new location is not without hassles. Several things are there that needs the attention of the person, here the business traveler. One of the things that are to be considered in the prime list is the settlement of the travelers. If you are relocating to Mumbai then you are sure to feel lost in this busy city of India. The city is a life to various business opportunities. Thus, it frequently receives from around the world.

Finding the best place to house for the trip here seems to be a difficult question. Serviced apartments are arguably the most suitable option that stands tall as an attractive accommodation alternative to the luxurious hotel rooms. In the recent times, it was found that business travelers are more keen to choose these accommodation facilities for their short business stays.

The major cause is perhaps the costs of these apartments are almost at par to hotel stays per night. However, these accommodation facilities cost one a lot less if the stay exceeds 28 nights. Well, if you are in search of serviced apartments there are certain things that you must be considering. Here are some points that would help you make the right choice.

The Public Transport Is Nearby

Choosing an apartment that is in close proximity to the local bus stop or train station is a wise option. This will minimize your unnecessary hassle to hop around from one place to another to avail the local transport facilities. You may also choose corporate serviced accommodation if your apartment is not located near or within the vicinity of the communicating zone.

Near To the Local Supermarket

Having an attached kitchen area, the serviced apartments allow one the freedom to cook their own food. The state-of-the-art kitchen facilities like microwaves, ovens and electric hobs allow one to get their food ready in minutes. So, if the apartment is near to the local supermarket, shopping the local produce to stock up the cupboard will become easier and cost effective too. Additionally, they are helpful in reducing your costs from dining out regularly.

Enables Family Stay

If you are not the only traveler but have your wife and child, in short, your family with you then also you can choose serviced apartments in Mumbai for accommodation. The serviced apartments are found to be very flexible for families. Personal space ensures that there is no interference from the outsiders, self- catering makes sure that the taste of each and every fussy eater is taken care. Moreover, in-built TV, free Wi-Fi makes sure that no one housed gets bored. Even your children would also get their own space to roam about and play. Staying at such apartments would feel like a ‘home away from home’ experience.

Parking Lot to House Your Car

If you are taking your car abroad or hiring one in the location to make your day to day travel easier then parking facilities is just the thing you would need. Look for accommodation facilities that offer free on-site parking space. It must be noted that some of the parking areas might also charge minimum fees. Some serviced apartments may also offer off-site facilities which may or may not be chargeable.

Within Your Budget

The last but perhaps the most important determinant of choosing Mumbai service apartments is your budget. All the apartments that you find might not be within your budget. Therefore, it would be feasible to browse through individual sites to find out what accessories or furnishing they offer.

It is advised by the experts that one should never exceed their budget for a lavish lifestyle. One should choose an apartment that offers everything they require and not something that will remain unused. Thus, they will be able to choose the one within their expense limits and do not have to compromise with other important of their life. Regulars at serviced apartments even claimed that the cost savings can go up to 30% though one can still enjoy facilities greater than hotels.

We hope that all the above points would help you a lot to choose the best service apartments in Mumbai. So, make your business travel smoother by choosing one of the best apartments in town.  

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