5 Rules When You Rent Serviced Apartments in Mumbai

Being a financial and fashion capital of our country, Mumbai welcomes hundreds of visitors daily, with everyone having their own objectives.

While some come for temporary purposes such as occupation or holidays, others come with the dream to build a bright future.

Accommodation is the major problem, which every visitor faces and in order to solve that, the number of serviced apartments has increased rapidly in the city as these are highly preferred.

However, unethical practices are followed in every field and hence, this you must select the serviced apartment in Mumbai with due diligence.

Following mentioned are some points, which would make it easy for you:


  • Personal visit: Don’t take decision merely on the basis of information and pictures given on the websites of the serviced apartments. Visit the place personally, so that you can know the security, living/bedding space, furniture, amenities, view.
  • Amenities: Inquire about the water supply – is it 24 hours or a few hours a day. Also, ask about the availability of drinking water. Check that there are no loose wires or damaged electrical fittings as these may lead to fire or short circuit. See what cuisines and dishes are offered in the menu.
  • Facilities: Ask about the facilities that you would be receiving in the flat, i.e. AC, TV, Laundry, Food, room service, etc. Make sure that all the kitchen appliances and other machines such as washer-dryer, AC, etc. are in proper working condition.
  • Location: Check whether local transport is easily accessible from the place or not. If you want to taste food served in local restaurants, ask if any restaurant or café is located nearby. If you are on a leisure trip, see that there are no wedding halls nearby, especially in the wedding season or else you might not be able to rest due to continuous noise.
  • Price: Inquire properly about the price per night on short-term and long-term stay as prices are often less for long stays in serviced apartments. Also, ask if any additional charges are required to be paid for any of the facilities.


Thus, with some research and awareness, you can choose the serviced apartment in Mumbai, which suits your needs and budget.

But, you can get the best place and deal, even without going through this pain by contacting us. Our serviced apartments in Mumbai offer luxurious stay in beautifully designed rooms with all facilities. We deliver what we promise.

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