5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Best For Business Travellers

Serviced apartments are the fully furnished apartments with hotel-like amenities and are available for short-term as well as longer stays. Demand for serviced apartments is increasing with each passing day. Here I give you 5 reasons why serviced apartments are best for business travellers

  1. Kitchen: serviced apartments in Andheri are the perfect combination of home comfort and hotel style. They offer the privacy and space of self-contained accommodation to the traveller along with all the perks of a standard hotel. Apart from the bedroom, you have a living room, kitchen and even dining area in this apartment. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooker, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and washing facilities. Unlike the hotel, you have the flexibility to cook whatever and whenever you want. Serviced apartments near airport Mumbai give the guests’ option to eat in and be entertained at home.
  2. Privacy: You get the complete privacy at serviced apartments near Andheri MIDC. You don’t need to stand in a queue in front of reception or dine in the restaurant packed with people. You can just work, cook, relax and sleep as per your comfort in your own private space. You don’t need to book separate meeting room when you are staying at the serviced apartment, you can use your apartment for meetings.
  3. 24-hour concierge service: Serviced apartments offer 24-hour concierge service to take care of all your needs. These caretakers have good knowledge about the local area and take care of your special requests. These places have high-speed wi-fi in every room business travellers able to work on their important assignments sitting right at the apartment. This super fast wifi is generally complementary to all the guests. Serviced apartments near the airport at Mumbai are equipped with all the essentials you could need throughout the stay.
  4. Best Location:Serviced apartments in Andheri are generally located at prime locations, near major project sites and business centres which saves business travellers from a significant amount of travel. Local amenities like shops, bars, and restaurants are at walk able distance from these central locations. These apartments are quite spacious. They are twice the size of the standard hotel room. It allows business travellers to have enough space for work as well as relax.
  5. Price: the rates for serviced apartments near Andheri MIDC are lesser than the average rates of a hotel room in a similar location. They charge rates per apartment and not per person hence there is a fair chance of cost savings if you are travelling with colleagues.  You can even get discounts for a longer stay, get wifi for free and get access to the kitchen which eliminates the need to eat out thus saving your money.


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