5 Reasons Why Business Traveller Go For Serviced Apartments

A recent survey of the Worldwide Independent Travel network has proven that a wide range of people of business sectors and industries are showing great interest on the use of self-serviced apartments. Basically, the industries such as oil and Gas, construction and marine are the business categories where accommodation option of choice for “savvy corporate travelers.” So, here we will help you to know some of the key reasons why corporate travelers prefers to book serviced apartments rather than hotels.

  • Enough space and convenience:

Mostly, the size of an apartment has up to 30% more space than an average hotel room. If people want to live the way they usually used to live on their own home with lots of furniture, then these apartments are the perfect place. They can find the peaceful and relaxed environment similar to their home. A typically one-bedroom serviced apartments are three times larger than the average one-bedroom hotel. You can check the short stay accommodation in Mumbai to get the more clear idea about the space.

  • Comforts like home:

A serviced apartment is more than a bed to lie on and watching movies on holidays. You can get the perfect comfort of having your own room, using your own furniture including your own kitchen, dining and living areas. However, you can enjoy your own company or hang out with friend over here and also can do your own work in a completely peaceful environment.

  • An equipped kitchen:

An apartment will provide a fully equipped kitchen with some common amenities such as cooker, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and washing facilities. If you are a good foodie, then this modular or fully equipped kitchen will give you a great pleasure to live.  

  • Privacy:

A serviced apartment will provide you the freedom to live, cook and work by your own way. You don’t need to depend on the packed breakfast or heavy foods from the hotel catering service for a long period. Once you have booked your accommodation, then you don’t need to be getting stressed about sharing your room for any meeting purpose or other issues. You have all the freedom to live there and also invite your family and friends for a small party or get together.

  • Money savings:

The total price tag of booking an apartment is 45% less than the total cost of booking a hotel room in similar location. However, apartments also provide additional cost savings after sometimes and it also offers discounts for the longer stays. There are more facilities such as free Wi-Fi service and other maintenance charges.

So here are the benefits of booking a serviced apartment instead of the hotel rooms. In this world who want to spend a lot amount of money? the greatest businessman always finds the way to gain bigger profit by investing small amount of money. now the serviced apartments are available on every big cities. The industry is growing, and they are building more serviced apartments on the major continents and across the business districts. The most important thing is that the staffs are very efficient to provide you 24-hour services on your need. They will also take care of your health and safety requirements as they have a good experience in managing this business very well. So, if you are a seasoned business traveller then just think about it and do some research on internet. You can also count your profit by making the whole budget of a serviced apartment and a hotel room. The difference will surely clear your idea. You can also check out the long stay accommodation in Mumbai to know each and every information about booking a serviced apartment.

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