5 Differences between a Hotel and Serviced Apartment You Never Knew

Holiday serviced apartments in Andheri are lately on everyone’s lips, with their defenders, and also with their detractors but, have you ever wondered why choose a private apartment instead of the classic hotel of a lifetime? The differences are more than you imagine, from the price to the benefits, going through the very concept of the trip.

To the table!

In the apartment:

Do you like to cook and enjoy a good after-dinner? In a service apartment near seepz andheri Mumbai, you have the possibility to sit down with your friends or your family to enjoy your own culinary creations from the local products that you have previously acquired in the market.

At the hotel:

Did you love the visit to the local market but you were left wanting to buy something for not having where to prepare it? The good news is that you have room service; the bad news is that eating will become a risky sport trying not to stain the bedspread.

Blessed tranquility

In the apartment:

Have you gone on vacation looking for some quiet and flexible schedules to do what you want without anyone bothering you? So what you’re looking for is an apartment.

At the hotel:

Do not you hate having to get up early on vacation? If you also feel uncomfortable seeing your space invaded by room service at odd hours, you will know what we are talking about.

Traveling as a family

In the apartment:

Do you travel with family or friends? If it is your case, a holiday apartment is the best solution to the housing problem. You will share common space with sofas, tables and chairs, at the same time that you will have your own room as a place of privacy.

In the hotel:

Does the bustle in the corridors of the hotels bother you? Many times it is due to groups of friends or families that stay in different rooms, with the consequent transfer that implies. The isolation of staying in separate rooms makes hotels not the ideal solution for group travel

Let the air run!

In the apartment:

Are you overwhelmed by small spaces? If besides knowing and enjoying the charms of that tourist destination that you like so much you want to be able to relax in the hours of rest between walks and outdoor activities, nothing better than service apartments near Bombay Exhibition Centre.

At the hotel:

How much importance do you give to rest? At the hotel, a comfortable bed awaits you and a TV with which you can escape and relax, but that’s the end of it. Beyond the bed there is no more physical space or many more possibilities for recreation, with the burden it can bring for some travelers.

Spending is going to end

In the apartment:

Do you know what is good about having a kitchen in your holiday accommodation? It is not only the pleasure of buying and cooking the local products yourself, but the money you will save in restaurants. A large part of the budget of our vacation goes to eating in bars and restaurants.

At the hotel:

Do not you feel angry that the pleasure of going out to lunch or dinner outside becomes an obligation during your holidays? We all love eating in restaurants. There is nothing more comfortable than the hotel restaurant service, but it is a ruin for your pocket!

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