5 Benefits of Renting Service Apartments near Airport

Serviced apartments have become a preferable choice for many who are tripping to the new location. Choosing the serviced apartment in the new location will give you the comfort of home in spite of being away from it. You can live at your own comforts. There are many benefits of choosing serviced apartments for your accommodation in the new location. The current articles discuss few benefits of choosing service apartments near airport Mumbai.

Affordable cost:

As there will be frequent travellers, the serviced apartments in Andheri will be affordable. The owners will rent the apartments at competitive prices to meet the ever growing demand for the serviced apartment rental near airport. The accommodation you get here is much cheaper than hotel accommodation and it is suitable for group of employees, friends or family.


The service apartments near airport Mumbai are constructed to accommodate foreign travellers that visit the destination so; these apartments are very specious enough to make your living very comfortable during the tenure. This is a perfect choice for the group of people travelling together.


The apartments near airport will provide every amenity that is needed to make your living comfortable.  You will have Big screen TV, refrigerator, fully equipped kitchen, dining area, living room, water facility 24/7, security, and much more. You will be benefited with many things that are not available in normal hotel room at a lower cost than this. In most of the cases all these facilities you get in the serviced apartments are inclusive of the rent you pay for it. However, you should check with the owner regarding the same before renting the apartment.

Housekeeping :

The housekeeping service in the serviced apartments in Andheri keep it clean and tidy all the while so that you can relax in the room comfortably after your hectic schedule.  This housekeeping service are flexible most of the times and you can ask them for scheduled clean up during your free time.


You will enjoy a great freedom when choose to with serviced apartments near airport. All the people who choose to go with the serviced apartment engage in self-cooking with the availability of fully equipped kitchen. This keeps you away from waking up on particular time to have breakfast.  Though there is group of friends living together, there is no need for you to spend outside to have a good freedom, serviced apartments are spacious enough to accommodate you.   

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