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Benefits Of Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

If you are travelling to Mumbai and not able to decide whether to stay in a hotel or service apartments in Mumbai then you are at the right place. In the following sections we will be looking at some of the positive points in favour of serviced apartments which will surely compel you to select them for your trip. Continue reading

5 Things to Consider Before Job Relocation

Job relocation – these two words together will push any person, even the strong decision makers, into a state of chaos. Regardless of whether you have put in a lot of years for the organisation or you are a new employee, relocation is a huge life changing event. Some may find such an opportunity exciting, while some may find it to be terrifying. Well, exciting or terrifying, there are a few things that one should consider before accepting or rejecting this offer. Continue reading

Amenities You Can Expect In A Serviced Apartment

A serviced apartment is usually a complete apartment with a living room, one or more bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is generally used by organisations to provide accommodations for their employees who are required to stay in a place other than their home town. Service apartments are also used by others for their accommodation requirements. Since Mumbai is one of India’s most busy cities, it is filled with many serviced apartments.l Although many prefer serviced apartments for long stay accommodation in Mumbai, some also use them for short stay accommodations in Mumbai. The reason for this wide spread popularity of these serviced apartments is the amenities that are available in these types of apartments. Continue reading

Advantages of Staying in a Service Apartment

If you are in search for a mid-range accommodation for a short period of time, the first thing that might be on your mind is a hotel. However there is a great alternative that might not only work out to be cheaper but it will also be having better amenities. These are the serviced apartments. There are many luxury service apartments in Mumbai that can cater to all your important needs. A serviced apartment is an apartment that is completely furnished and also offers a lot of comfort as well as privacy. However it is run with a housekeeping staff. This staff is responsible for all the services. Some benefits of budget service apartments in Mumbai are as follows.
Continue reading