10 Tips to Create Alluring Service Apartments to Attract Executives

The distances among cities, states and even countries is constantly getting shorter. The biggest reason for this is that people have been finding ways to make travel times shorter and do not hesitate from travelling from one place to another. While people have started keeping an open view about travelling,

service providers have also been coming up with new and improved accommodation options that help make the travel plans of executives a real success. In major metro cities, the trend is led by the advent of ideas such as the furnished apartments in Mumbai. The apartments are made in such a way that the travellers do not feel like they are away from home and yet get to enjoy all the amenities and frills that are found in hotels. While serviced apartments are made exquisitely, there are 10 major tips that help in creating some of the most alluring apartment spaces:

  • Fully furnished: Right from a comfortable bed in the bedroom to the most relaxing outdoor furniture in the balcony, the home may be designed in such a way that the executives do not find anything lower than luxury living, while staying at a serviced apartment.
  • Technology: the presence of Wi-Fi, television, refrigerator, oven and other such technological items is something that adds to the charm of the place and makes it a more comfortable option for the hard-working professionals, when compared with hotel rooms.
  • Housekeeping: One may argue that it may be a cleaner and a more hygienic option to stay in a hotel than to opt for a serviced apartment, however with the addition of housekeeping services, one may be able to find it more comforting to live in an apartment in place of a hotel room.
  • Aesthetics: During the design of the apartment, it is also important to make sure that the aesthetics of the place are taken care of. The use of ambient lighting, accessories, paintings and other such items of decoration work towards making the home complete. A bare home may fail to interest the high flying professionals from opting for it.
  • Work Space: Within the home, it makes sense to provide a dedicated work space to the executives so that they may be able to bring back work with them and complete it in a home like environment.
  • Food and room service: Living in a home like environment should not have to compel executives to fend for themselves when it comes to food. Making provisions for food and room service on call serves as an added advantage.
  • Confectioneries: Just as hotels offer packaged snacks and hard and soft beverages, the luxury service apartments in Mumbai should also provide the users of the apartment to choose the kind of relaxation snacks and drinks that they would want handy.
  • Air-conditioned: While it may be a regular thing to provide air-conditioners for serviced apartments, the trick lies in providing effective cooling and refreshment to the executives so that they may feel relaxed after a long day at work in a city like Mumbai.
  • Amenities: Extra amenities such as the provision of a gym or a pool is something that may work wonders in gaining the appreciation of professionals, because these are some of the most common ways in which executives prefer to unwind after a work day.
  • Security: Finally the most important factor in luring executives to opt for a serviced apartment is to ensure that the best safety and security arrangements are adopted around their accommodation.

When the most important requirements and demands of the users are catered too, it is bound to pull in more and more executive patrons to opt for a serviced apartment accommodation.

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