9 Advantages of Owning Serviced Apartments in Goregaon

Serviced Apartments offer a homely feel and are very good staying option in a city like Mumbai. There are various serviced apartments in prime locations of Mumbai like Andheri, Goregaon and Malad etc. These serviced apartments offer a relaxed and comfortable stay experience. They have a lush green landscape and offer a calm feeling even in a busy city like Mumbai.    Continue reading

Checklist to Consider before Owning a Serviced Apartments

If you are looking for a comfortable stay at economical price in a city like Mumbai, then the serviced apartments are the best choice for you.  The corporate serviced apartments are available at prime locations in Mumbai like AndheriGoregaon, and Malad etc.-etc.  and are becoming the most preferred choice for business travelers.   Continue reading

Why Serviced Apartments Are Better for Short Stay?

Serviced Apartments are better for short stay than hotels as you can get fully furnished apartments and at best rates in a place like Mumbai.  Furnished apartments are full of amenities and facilities with a dedicated team of professionals to serve.  They offer you flexible extended stay option. The reputed short stay serviced apartments are spacious and have big suites with separate living room, dining area, bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchen. These serviced apartments are highly suitable for business travelers as they offer various facilities like Laundry, regular housekeeping, 24 hours internet access, telephone, airport service, grocery service, catered meals, etc. Continue reading

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Serviced Apartments

Relocating business to an all-new location is not without hassles. Several things are there that needs the attention of the person, here the business traveler. One of the things that are to be considered in the prime list is the settlement of the travelers. If you are relocating to Mumbai then you are sure to feel lost in this busy city of India. The city is a life to various business opportunities. Thus, it frequently receives from around the world. Continue reading

Why Serviced Apartments in Andheri are Popular?

Being a popular commercial city of Mumbai, Andheri has undergone a lot of changes in the past decades. The city receives a lot of visitors in its day-to-day life from all over the country and also from abroad. Thus, the people here witnessed the requirement of short stay accommodations to house their business guests in a comfortable manner. In this regard, several hotels, inns, restaurants, short stay accommodation spaces have made their way in Andheri. Continue reading

Tips to Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai

Serviced apartments are gaining popularity day by day as the preferred mode of accommodation, for business people who travel for their work, for the families on long vacations, for the people who have to reside in big cities for prolonged medical treatments, for parents who have moved to cities for training or education of their children and for those who have shifted to new city but yet to find a new permanent. They are being used as the most suitable option to hotel rooms as they give you the feeling of home when you are away from home. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Business Traveller Go For Serviced Apartments

A recent survey of the Worldwide Independent Travel network has proven that a wide range of people of business sectors and industries are showing great interest on the use of self-serviced apartments. Basically, the industries such as oil and Gas, construction and marine are the business categories where accommodation option of choice for “savvy corporate travelers.” So, here we will help you to know some of the key reasons why corporate travelers prefers to book serviced apartments rather than hotels. Continue reading

Why to Choose Serviced Apartments in Mumbai?

Choosing furnished apartments in Mumbai is definitely a better option than choosing to stay in hotels as the furnished apartments offer a homely feel and they are definitely more reasonable than hotels. You can find good service apartments at some of the prime locations of Mumbai like Andheri, Malad, and Goregaon etc.-etc. These apartments offer a comfy and cozy stay to people and a peaceful feel that is difficult to find in a busy city like Mumbai. Continue reading