Tranquil Homes Serviced Apartments Mumbai

Tranquil Homes Service Apartments

What comes to your mind when you think of Serviced apartments in Mumbai? Apartments in old buildings with crammed rooms and old linen! Allow Tranquil Homes Service apartments Mumbai to change a bit of that perception. We offer you something that allows your mind to indulge in homely environs and at the same time lets your pocket feel less lighter!

At Tranquil Homes, we take the utmost care to scout locations that suit your needs. Travel time to some of the most known and busy hubs are perfectly timed to allow the guest to travel at minimal distances. Our service apartments in Mumbai are located in some of the best complexes with rooms that don’t look like matchboxes. There is enough of leg space to unwind and beautifully manicured gardens around the complexes to relax the mind. We keep in mind a decor for our serviced apartments that makes you feel at home. The room has minimalistic furniture. If there are larger groups of trainees or exhibitors or team members we can cater to accommodating them too. Tranquil Homes has multiple stay options at each of our current locations. We prefer never to discomfort our guests but any breakdown is reported and addressed within no time! Our caretakers who our stationed at the Mumbai service apartments are trained to handle corporate guests and make sure that there are no complaints! They can cook, clean and surely make some conversation too!

We look forward to welcoming you to Tranquil Homes Service Apartments in Mumbai !

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